Instagram Camera: Coolest thing EVER!!


A couple of weeks back, I wrote about a cool card game based on Computer processes, in hindsight the only thing that post proved was that I’m a geek. The card game was funded through a crowdfunded initiative, and that was really what made it cool. The instagram camera is cool on its own, and the fact that it’s currently  being crowdsourced through Indiegogo (a website similar to...

Facebook goes public : How it compares to Malaysian companies


The big FB goes public today, making a lot of people very happy and few people very very rich, including one Eduardo Saverin — who will probably be barred from ever entering the US –EVER AGAIN! However, that’s a story for another day, today Facebook is the hottest bit of tech news you can get your hands on, the last time an IPO this exciting occurred it was for a search engine...

We’re not separated by 6 degrees of separation: It’s now only 4.74


According to a New York Times article today, the world has apparently shrunk beyond our imagination. The latest study uses facebook as the base for their study, and used it to study the separation of people.  Previously I blogged about the amazing study conducting by (even more amazing) Stanley Milgram and how he came up with the concept of 6 degrees of separation. The latest study not only re...

Facebook sues developer while Google takes youtube domains: What’s the difference


wpCandy reports that Facebook recently sued an Indonesian blogger who created a wordpress theme that could turn your wordpress site to look like Facebook, and the similarities were really striking. For one your post look exactly like status updates on your Facebook profile and comments on those post look exactly like your friends commenting on your status updates in Facebook. Similarly...

DOH! : Mark Zuckerberg is the No.1 Google+ user


Sometimes life throws you surprising ironies that you can’t help but just bury your head in sorrow, like an ex-girlfriend becoming your boss or the office jerk winning the lottery. Google aspires to overcome facebook as the number 1 social networking site by launching things like +1 and Google+, however in a surprising twist of fate the number 1 user on Google+ was none other than Facebook...

Copy your Facebook photo albums with Pick&Zip


Pick&Zip is an amazing app that allows you to copy over your entire Facebook photo albums all at once in one zip file. The application even allows you to view ALL the photos you’re tagged in and download those as well, especially apt if you’re looking to migrate this stuff to Google+. It also act as a great picture viewer for all your photos on Facebook.

LinkedIn and Facebook Login Credentials


While Facebook and Google wage holy war for the soul of the internet, the front line of the battle it seems is the login credential area. Facebook with it’s 100’s of millions of users are really making headway in this category. The premise is simple, for new and existing website designers, you can have your users log in with their Facebook credentials rather than your own unique...

The limits of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


Facebook has a 5000 Friend limit, meaning you can’t have more than 5000 facebook friends, and once you hit this limit Facebook won’t let you have any more friends. Being an excel guru, I knew that older versions of excel had a 65,536 row limit per worksheet. That meant you couldn’t store more than 65,536 rows in excel, the geeks among us would recognize 65,536 as a 2 raised to...

Unique facebook Icons


Wonderfully Unique and fun Facebook icons. For a long time people have been bugging Facebook to give us some more flexibility is the quick comment sections rather than just ‘like’, but these beautiful icons from Leonard Savage really take the cake. [via Designer Daily]