Copy your Facebook photo albums with Pick&Zip


Pick&Zip is an amazing app that allows you to copy over your entire Facebook photo albums all at once in one zip file. The application even allows you to view ALL the photos you’re tagged in and download those as well, especially apt if you’re looking to migrate this stuff to Google+. It also act as a great picture viewer for all your photos on Facebook.

Using Pick & Zip couldn’t be easier:

1) Login with you facebook account,
2) Authorize the App
3) Click on the giant “Find My Photos” button
4) Select which albums/photos you want to download  note: you need to select each individual photo in the album, but thankfully there’s a select all button
5) Select the Download Tab, and choose either PDF/ZIP, and you’re good to go.

The app works great, and the speed is fantastic. The only downside is that I can’t select a whole album at once but need to click each individual photo in the album. The album displays 20 photos at a time, and clicking select all only selects the 20 photos displayed. Small disadvantage to an otherwise superbly done app. Design looks a bit dated, but the site is functional, works the first time and intuitive enough to forgive this slight inconvenience.

Overall, Pick&Zip is very much recommended. Visit the site @

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