Just a collection of stuff (mostly from my old blog)

Remembering Sayakenahack


It’s been 6 years now since the big sayakenahack debacle. I won’t go into details on what happened, but … I thought it’d be nice to take a stroll down memory lane with some pictures 🙂

Investigating using OSINT


On September 2021, malaysiakini reported on a website called mysppl, that was selling personal data online. The site used previous breached data on Malaysians, and was selling it to anyone with a credit card (or Grabpay account). Note to aspiring criminals.. the last thing you want when doing something illegal like selling personal data ,is to tie that back to Bank Account by accepting payments...

Drifting vs. Deliberately improving


`I’ve been playing guitar for over 25 years — but I still suck at it. I spent my first ever bonus I got (~RM2,000) on a brand new Norman Guitar, and now I’m the proud owner of multiple expensive guitars and amps … but all that expensive gear hasn’t improved my playing one iota. Even though I used religiously change my guitar strings every month. The number of years...

Sign you Git Commits to Github with A Yubikey


I found a few tutorials online to do this, but they’re old and don’t 100% work. So here’s some quick steps on how you might sign your git commits with GPG keys stored on your Yubikey. Since I’m a mac user, these steps are specifically for macOS, for Windows check out Scott Hanselman’s great post here. Step 1: Generate your GPG keys First install GPG and then generate...



So you think Ivermectin works. You studied the data, you’ve read all the medical studies you could find, you’ve seen hours of YouTube videos where doctors swear by the drug, and you’ve even spent days (or weeks) researching on your on. Finally you conclude, that the data suggest Ivermectin is an effective treatment against COVID-19. Great news, you’re being inquisitive...

Missing .SO files in Lambda functions


Most of the time, adding a python package to a Lambda function is a simple task. You pip install to a directory, and then copy that directory to the function either directly or through a lambda layer. But sometimes, there’s extra work required. Packages like opencv install additional files on your system that aren’t available in the same directory you pip installed into. When you pip...

Learning VIM over a Weekend


This weekend, I decided to learn me some Vim. According to it’s website, “Vim is a highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient” — to be honest, I only used vim when forced to from the command line, I wasn’t sure why anyone would choose to do ‘serious’ editing in Vim. Vim is notoriously hard —...

The Future of work


As a father of 2 young children, I worry about how to prepare my children for the future of work. What will their careers look like? And am I preparing them the right way? Amid the Pandemic, I look at hard-hit industries and imagine how different my career would be, had I been in one of those industries. Like being a pilot, at age 40, with years of experience — living the high life in 2019...

Lucking out on life


Luck Out: (colloquial, idiomatic, US, Canada) To experience great luck; to be extremely fortunate or lucky. My life has been series of lucky breaks, a collection of events where I’ve ‘failed upwards’, and while my career isn’t wildly successful, I’m smart enough to know and humble enough to realize the comforts I have are a distant hope for billions(!) of others on...

The very Last time


I’ve been experimenting with meditation over the last few months, and I think it’s great. Next to having a disciplined 8 hours of sleep everyday, I think meditation is the best thing you can do for your personal mental health. I first started by reading headspace, and trying out his 10-minute meditation technique, but now I’m on the WakingUp app, which again starts a pretty...