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QR codes making a comeback with Wikipedia?


QR codes may be making that all important comeback. Apparently QR codes were all the craze a couple of months ago, but now (just like the Royal Wedding) seem to be out of fashion. Fortunately, though there seems to be life left in this brilliant invention. The Wikimedia blog recently made a strange (yet interesting) announcement that they’re launching QRPedia. Wikimedia are the guys behind...

I’m an Ikea Hacker…woot!!


So I’ve just moved into my new place and my wife and I wanted to convert our upstairs hall into a study area for the both of us. Problem is that I wanted a standing desk and my wife was having none of it. So a comprimise was in order…in this case we’d have 2 desk one for each, mine would be a standing desk and hers a regular sit-down one. I’m no master carpenter so our...

Cool poster!


A cool poster from bonkers world demonstrating just how fragmented IT companies really are…I’m not sure where they got the data from, but it’s just cool. : A great way to jot down notes online.

n is a great simple online app that allows you to store your notes in a quick online interface. Of course you’re wondering why you’d need a note taking app when you carry your iPhone or Blackberry all over the place, but offers a couple of cool nifty features that make it quite practical.

Coolendar: Wonderful Calendar App


Google just added appointment slots to their online Calendar in their quest to successfully emulate MS Outlook on the cloud. Quite frankly, Googles getting pretty good, I can organize my whole life online and now with appointment slots I can allow people to book my time online, just like they would do with a MS Outlook Meeting Request. For those of us who miss the good ol’ days of pen and...

Creative Vcard designs


Previously I bloged about creative resumes, and that seems to be one of my highest hitting web pages, so in my shameless attempt to garner more hits, I’d thought I’d blog about creative v-cards as well. Vcards are a fad that didn’t really catch on, think of them as virtual business cards (because that’s essentially what they are).  So instead of handing out business cards...

Use for your meeting minutes


Ever had to share minutes across multiple people but never really got down to it. Some people love to jot down minutes in an excel spreadsheet, and then attach that spreadsheet to an email that is then blasted to relevant people in the group. The problem with that is that the minutes are never really up to date, at any one time, you’ll either need to forward everyone in the group a separate...

Intels Museum of Me and privacy concerns it entails


Popular Website Gizmodo, today posted a link to Intels new Museum of me that allows Facebook users to grab information from their facebook profiles and post them up in a really cool museum like format. I’ve been unable to view it, I suspect it’s due to the fact that 100,000+ people have liked it since it launched barely hours ago. Talk about an internet sensation. It remains to be...

Creative Resumes


Some companies receive so many resumes for each job application, they filter out applications based on your resume photo. Imagine, your resume was probably not read simply because your photo wasn’t eye-catching (imagine resumes like mine that have no photo!). It’s nobody’s fault, if you receive thousands upon thousands of resumes you need to have some filtering ability that...