Doing one thing Right: 6 websites that excel at just one thing.

D now and then you get websites that do a whole bunch of stuff, but never really excel. The following examples are 6 great websites that were designed to accomplish just one goal, and they excelled in its execution extremely well. is awesome website that has replaced as my defacto web sharing tool. The design scores high-marks for it’s clean interface. Although if yousendit didn’t clutter their start page with an advert for a paid version, they’d be here instead of also scores high marks for it’s simple url.


I can’t tell you how many times net2ftp has saved my skin @ work. My companies strict IT policy doesn’t allow the installation of an ftp client on it’s laptops and PCs. Thankfully though we’re able to get  around that sticky little limitation with this great web-based ftp client. Net2ftp is the best web-based ftp client out there. It’s usability is a bit difficult to get, but that’s mostly due to the underlying architecture of ftp rather than the site itself. The site looks like something out of the 1980’s though, but it’s simple, clean and easy to use, just how I like it.


I love the websites that don’t make you think. WobZip allows you to unzip a whole bunch of zip formats including 7z, ZIP, TAR and RAR. Great for unzipping files if you’re transferring stuff between your Linux and Windows boxes. I used wobzip a lot in a previous project when the developers kept sending me files in RAR format and my machine didn’t have winrar installed. The interface is straightforward and perfectly simple.


The best damn web app out there. (period)

In my opinion the best web based tool design ever. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s intuitive and it’s clean. No registration required and you can keep track of your action items, strike them out when you’re done. The guys over at  Zurb know a thing or two about web design, don’t use it much though but I enjoyed the design.

Need to shorten a url, has a great interface that shortens the url.  Just like Wobzip all it gives you at the start page is a single entry, can’t go wrong. Wonderfully designed, although the blowfish bit I don’t get. API integration with twitter makes it even more relevant and user friendly. Amazing.


Finally I left the best for last. Google has set the tone in terms of searching, but also design. Consider it’s start page, you don’t have to search for the entry, it’s there. And yes, sometimes they clutter it up with Les Paul doodles, but I’m not judging. The website is beautifully designed and intuitive. No user manual required. Full marks here.

Got other single purpose websites to share? Please do in the comments section or on my twitter @keithrozario.


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