: A great way to jot down notes online.

n is a great simple online app that allows you to store your notes in a quick online interface. Of course you’re wondering why you’d need a note taking app when you carry your iPhone or Blackberry all over the place, but offers a couple of cool nifty features that make it quite practical.

The first thing you’d notice about is it’s simplicity, you just get the app the first time you see it. Absolutely perfect. I love these simple apps that are not just easy to use, but require minimal effort to get off the ground. doesn’t require any additional plugins, and doesn’t require a login of anykind. The app opens to the core function (note taking), and then you just jot down stuff on the yellow paper that everyone ‘should’ know is for note taking.

The next thing that makes this app great is it’s sharing. In built into it is facebook, twitter and friend feed functionality. So you can share the notes online with no hassle. If you’d like not to share your notes, it also provides a url shortener, that looks something like this

Overall, I think the app is a simple way to share notes with a couple of friends, or even to take simple minutes of a meeting (although you can probably use for that one). A good job guys, the one added functionality I would love to have in this would be the ability to add pictures to the notepad 🙂

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