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Igor Presnyakov succeeds in getting kickstart-ed

Now some say he lives in Amsterdam and lives only on cheese,that may be fiction but damnit this guy is the best guitarist I’ve seen. Check out Igor’s rendition of Canon from the youtube embed above and you’ll know what I’m talking about, or just head on over to youtube and check out the countless songs he’s played on youtube including sweet child of mine or someone like you. It’s absolutely amazing guitar playing, and it’s all posted on youtube by Igor himself, for you to enjoy…for Free!!

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Maxis Cloud : Too Late, Too expensive and Too Restrictive

Maxis recently launched their new IaaS offering in the form called the Maxis Cloud. According to the Maxis Cloud is said to be the ” the most advanced on-demand, real-time, fully managed cloud service in Malaysia, Maxis Cloud allows businesses to scale their cloud computing infrastructure according to their needs at any time through its self-service portal.”

That’s basically calling yourself Jaguh Kampung. Pardon the sarcasm, but the Maxis Cloud does seem a tad bit expensive for a such a late entry into the game. You’d expect new IaaS providers that show up this late in the cloud game throw everything including the kitchen sink to get new subscribers. That however, has been lacking and a marketing strategy that seems more intent on selling IaaS to non-believers as oppose to selling the Maxis Cloud itself isn’t helping their case.

I’d loved to be rooting for Maxis, but most of it’s offerings just don’t add up, and there’s a whole bunch of questions about it’s bandwidth charges, support availability and API specifications that aren’t clear enough to me to make any sort of comparison or even recommendation. Plus the fact that its self service portal had a ‘technical issue’ when I logged on didn’t really bode well for my experience.

That being said, while analyzing I noticed that there is one thing Maxis could offer that could tilt the tables in its favor, Maxis is a communications company after all (unlike Amazon or Rackspace) and I think there just might be a chance it could offer something niche that would make it stand out. But first, let’s take a look at some key concepts:

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First xxx domain hijacked :

The first (of probably many) xxx domain hijacks have started springing up. Earlier today, a reader contacted me about a recent post I did on the .xxx domains. He mentioned that he spotted in the wild and was curious if this was the first .xxx domain hijack. He maybe right, but in a post on his blog, he also mentions that while ICM registry doesn’t find a ‘sacred’ url, it thinks is sacred and should be blocked from registry. In fact a quick check on the domains reveals that is a “Domain that has been reserved from registration”.

If you’re curious, leads to a page titled “Everyone will find Islam” and notes that the website is for sale — I suspect that sale would be to the highest bidder. The website further adds that it has a long list of other pope related urls, including (the popes real name) and On a slightly off-tangent topic, I don’t think anyone would be visiting to look for porn, but may have some promise (tongue firmly in check).

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Why you readers are leaving your site: It’s slow

In a remarkable infographic I stumbled across over at website 101, 25% of users will leave your page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. 25% more will leave if it takes more than 7 seconds, so in essence if your pages takes 8 seconds to load you’ve lost a half your audience even before your page starts loading. This is pretty remarkable, 8 seconds is all it takes to lose 50% of your customer base, that’s the time it takes for people who are ‘waiting’ to turn off and head on over to other websites, presumably websites who don’t take more than 8 seconds to load.

As unfortunate as it sounds, this is really a case of webmasters and blog owners screwing themselves over, after getting half the battle won which is getting visitors to click links to your site or heading over to your site via SEO or Social Networks, you then shoot yourself in the foot by having a slow websites.

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MCMC can’t solve your Unifi downtime but they’re looking for Gays online

Bernama reported today that The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission  (MCMC or the SKMM) together The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) would begin “collaborating to monitor lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) activities in the country, particularly on the websites.

Apart from the usual gung-ho activity of from Jakim, its Director General  Othman Mustapha said “If we find that there are things that are unsuitable on the websites, information would be channeled to the committee for action to be taken,

Now some of you may know that I contacted the Multimedia Commission some time ago about my Unifi Downtime and to investigate what compensation I could get from a 9 day down time above and beyond the pro-rated cost. In a nutshell their reply was “sorry can’t help you“. It’s quite apparent why they couldn’t help me, they’re busy looking for Gays online.

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YTL has the most ridiculous Acceptable Use Policy

YTL Communications has been doing a pretty good job recently. The Star even went as far as claim that “YTL Comms to Break Even” until of course you read the article in which case it mentions that YTL require an additional 500,000 subscribers on top of it’s current 300,000 to achieve that.  However, it did offer a post-paid plan which was pretty decent, and who can forget the tie-up with Proton to offer a a 4G car. Why in the world would anyone buy a car because it has 4G, on the other hand why would anyone buy a Proton? (disclaimer: I still drive a 2004 Proton Waja which has served me well)

However, with Yes latest postpaid offerings I imagine it’s moving away from it’s niche position into more competitive environments, people may use Yes as a fallback, but post-paid is where the real money is and Yes is moving in. Yes Data plans come in various price points, from RM48 for 1.5GB up to RM168 for 10GB, the left-over credits don’t roll over to next month but there’s no extra charge for using over your quota just a speed throttle to 128kbps. (note to YES: 128Kbps is not broadband)

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Bypass Unifi blocking and censoring using a DNS switch or VPN connection

If you’re on Unifi you might have noticed that some sites are blocked and it’s due to government directives to block these sites.  Now that goes against what the Government of Malaysia promised it’s stakeholders during the advent of the MsC, in which it promised to not censor the internet. If you remember, somewhere in August 2008, the government issued a similar directive to censor Malaysia Today.

So what’s a average user to do to bypass these internet blocks. The blocks themselves are issued by the government and issued to all ISPs, fortunately there are a couple of ways to bypass these internet blocks which amount to censorship, and it depends on what kind of mechanism your ISP uses to block it. I’m all for a free internet and here are some ways you can bypass those blocks.

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Original Microsoft Office for just Rm18/month

Yeap, you read that right. Microsoft office is the bane of all small business owners, they need it to generate documents and spreadsheets, but it cost a bomb to own. The standard Microsoft Office suite runs well over Rm600, and according to this pricelist from software exchange, Microsoft Office 2010 cost a whooping Rm643. Now Rm643 may not seem like much, but when a laptop/desktop cost just Rm2000, that’s nearly 30% more cash upfront for your software needs.

How is this possible, well Microsoft is offering Office365 worldwide and has even partnered with TM to sell their cloud offerings locally in Malaysia. Office365 is a cloud based version of the Microsoft Office, and it even includes things like email, collaboration and project management software. All of this for just Rm18/month is a pretty sweet deal in comparison to putting down Rm600 per user as a initial capital expense.