YTL has the most ridiculous Acceptable Use Policy


YTL Communications has been doing a pretty good job recently. The Star even went as far as claim that “YTL Comms to Break Even” until of course you read the article in which case it mentions that YTL require an additional 500,000 subscribers on top of it’s current 300,000 to achieve that. ¬†However, it did offer a post-paid plan which was pretty decent, and who can forget the tie...

Unifi vs. Yes : The speed showdown


Alright, so my Unifi is back up and running, apparently it was an area wide network issue that caused half my town to experience a Unifi Blackout, I have thus named this debacle, the Great CNY blackout of 2012. I was left 9 days without an internet connection and was forced to reload my Yes Broadband package to go online. Anyway, with a little credit left on my Yes broadband account, I decided to...

3 Reasons to say NO to Yes Mobile


I recently purchased a yes mobile account, and was pretty happy the results. In my past review I mentioned that the speed was great followed by good stability. However, there have been some downsides to the service, and here’s some reasons why you should avoid yes mobile. While Yes is great, there are overall flaws with the service, and below is my review of 3 reasons why you...