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3 ways to get more visibility in twitter

I’ve been using twitter for some time now, as I hope to make it the default social media for promoting my blog. Thanks for platforms like bufferapp and, I can track how often people visit my website from twitter. The result aren’t good, in fact I’d be lucky if a tweet was able to garner 2 hits to my website, most of the time it hovers around an agonizing ZERO!!

So what am I doing wrong?

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3 Things Social: 6 Degrees Of Separation, Dunbars Number, Social Goodness

In the broad spectrum of the animal kingdom where you have the Lone Predator on one end and the Hyper-Connected Ants on the other , Humans are surprisingly much closer to the Ants than we are to that solitary Puma trolling the Jungles of Peru (although it may be a lot more interesting to be a puma). Humans are built (or even programmed) to be with other humans, to share our thoughts and emotions and to connect on a emotional level with others. It helps us build bonds and survive, but also has massive physiological effects on our bodies and mind.

In an amazing book by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler that dealt with surprising power of social networks, aptly titled Connected addressed this particular drive by humans to connect with others. The book was a best-seller and even made it to Oprahs Fall Reading Guide (which means it has to be really good if Oprahs reading it).

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Top Level Domains and their importance

What is a top-level domain, in simple terms it’s the part of the url after the last ‘.’ , so in my case my blogs url is , my top-level domain would be .com.

There’s a long list of top level domains besides the regular ‘.com’ that you should be aware of if you’re hoping to start a website. Consider the case of Guy Kawasaki who bought 55 domains for his startup truemors, just to prevent cyber squatters from getting their hands on an obscure truemors url. If that doesn’t convince you, take a look at one of my favorite blogs, the EvilHRLady who in her own words:

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Best File Sharing Website

A good file sharing website is hard to come by ever since was bought over by Facebook. I loved and my admiration for the design of their service goes without saying…but I’ll say it anyway.

There was a huge void for a short period, where I was struggling with things like dropbox, skydrive and even hosting my own file sharing server (here). Fortunately, for the file sharers among us there emerges from the midst a file sharing website worthy of being called’s replacement. It’s name is

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Nearlyfreespeech, how much does it really cost? Just $3.60

For those of you who don’t know, I host this blog on an awesome webhost called nearlyfreespeech. It’s a different kind of webhost because it doesn’t offer fixed price per month packages, but rather a pay-as-you-go model. Now what that means is that you can get your website fully operational for under 1 US dollar (and I’m not kidding), however as your blog grows and you utilize more space and use up more bandwidth you’re probably wondering what kind of charges you’d be looking at, and whether it would be better off forking money for unlimited packages from the regular godaddy type host. The answer is NO. Here’s my analysis on real-life data from my blog.

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Techless Tuesday: Stress isn’t just mental

I’ve decided to start a separate Tuesday posting that has nothing to do with the web or tech, I call it Techless Tuesday, and the topic of todays Techless Tuesday is something I’ve been researching for about 3 weeks now…Stress.

So what is Stress and what can we do about it.

It’s all pretty standard question but what I’ve discovered about stress really amazed me , not just about how little I knew but also how dangerous it really is. I learnt how pervasive stress can become in our lives and how if left uncheck it would invade not just our health, but our relationships with our spouses as well. Stress wasn’t some concept, stress was something real that had a real impact.

Today is the first part of a series of post I intend to do about stress and I’d thought I clear up a misconception that most people have about stress namely that the stress is all in your mind something conjured up by your thoughts, and the way to avoid stress is to ‘think happy thoughts’ and ‘take it easy’. Research however points in a different direction, suggesting that stress isn’t just psychological (caused by the mind) but physiological (caused by the body)

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Starting your own Groupon site

My wife trolls deal sites everyday looking for deals to save us 50% on romantic dinners or 70% off on Hotel stays or even 90% off on skydiving. Deal sites like Groupon and Mydeals are popping up everywhere these days that you’d look like a fool if you bought a meal at …regular price (gasp!) .

However, if you’re not contented with just trolling the 10 deal sites you subscribe to, you might want to start your own groupon site. Think about it, it’s an easy business model, you require limited upfront capital and you’re more or less just a middle man, you’d think anyone can do it. Well it turns out everyone can do it, and a lot or people are. Here’s 3 ways to start your deal website and be on your way to Groupon like fame (or infamy)