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Keith_on_BFM_Tech_Talk3-4 weeks ago, I pimped myself an interview on BFM, and yesterday it finally aired. Woohoo!!

Here’s the audio, and below are some show-notes you might be interested in if you want to learn more. I searched for these links AFTER the show, so they may not be 100% in step, but good place to start.

Show notes:

  1. My post on how to change Unifi WiFi password and a bonus note, here’s how to hack them.
  2. Windows Tech Support Scam , here’s another and here’s how some pros respond
  3. Why Anti-Virus is dead from Brian Krebs
  4. Russian Business Network (I wrongly called them the Russian Business Alliance on the podcast): Wikipedia Link is here, but I suggest buying Spam Nation by Brian Krebs, easily the best book on the subject.
  5. Target hacked through their HVAC supplier, while their supplier was using anti-virus
  6. Kevin Mitnick on social engineering and corporate inoculation.
  7. Cybersecurity professional shortage…trust me, IT is the way to go.
  8. Security frameworks like PCI-DSS, I should have mentioned it.
  9. My favorite password manager: Lastpass
  10. The Fappening (if you don’t know what it is, please click the link NOW)
  11. Ashley Madison password, rights and wrongs.
  12. Why I don’t like bio-metrics
  13. OPM Hack : you need to know this
  14. TheStar reporting on teen winning award from Google (fake report)
  15. Google Malaysia was hacked–and my explanation on why it wasn’t.
  16. My take on our view of hackers and specifically anonymous
  17. Tech Journalism in Malaysia
  18. Ahmed didn’t build his clock and now he’s suing for $15 Million–damn.
  19. Tony Stark asking to boost ISDN by 15%.
  20. Hacker who claimed he could hack a plane avionics from the seat.

I really enjoyed the interview, and felt it came out really well.

Shout out to Jeff Sandhu for the brilliant work, and let me know if you enjoyed the show.

Keith Out!!

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