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How to change your Unifi password

Now It’s quite clear from a previous post I did how about easy it was to hack a Unifi Dlink DIR-615 Wi-Fi router, that the least you should do is change your standard router password to something that’s more than the regular 8 digit Pin Unifi gives you by default.

Let’s take a look at how to change your unifi password, or how to find it in case you’ve forgotten.

Step 1: Login to your router

First you’ll need to login to your router. For this open up Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome to access the internet. Then instead of typing something like in the address bar to visit google, type in the address bar to visit your routers web server. Your router actually has a webpage that allows you configure you, but this web page is only visible from within your home network so don’t worry.

You can just click the link here to take your there as well.

Once you see the page look something like the picture above, enter admin for the username. For the password, use the default password Unifi has given you, when in doubt, look at the bottom of your router (that’s the orange color device with the 2 antennas) and look for an 8 digit PIN. That’s your default password. It’s printed there in big bold letters–you can’t miss it.

Now don’t be confused, this is merely the password to access the router, not your Wi-Fi password, for now their the same password, but they could be different. That’s what we’re going to do.

If the password at the bottom of your router doesn’t work, try the following. Depending on your router firmware, one of them is bound to work:

Username: Management
Password: TestingR2

Username : operator
Password : h566UniFi

Username : operator
Password : telekom

Step 2: Access the Wireless setup configuration on your router

Once you’ve logged onto your router, visit the Wireless Setup menu (click the Wireless Setup button on the right menu)

Step 3: Manual Wireless Configuration

Once there, look for the Manual Wireless Connnection Setup and click that. This will take you to a manual configuration page for your Wi-Fi settings.

Step 4: Change the Password


Now browse to the bottom of the page and look for where the WPA/WPA2 Network Key is, you want to change your Password here to something other than the default 8 digits given by Unifi. Incidentally, this is also a way to determine the current password for wifi networks. It’ll only work for the standard Dlink dir-615 router, but the general principle is still the same for other routers, you just to search around a bit more once in the administrator panel.

Password tips

I suggest at least a 12 alphanumeric password, which includes numbers and letters. If you’re afraid you’ll forget you can paste the password at the bottom of your router for safe keeping, a easy to crack password will just get you in trouble. If visitors want to use your wi-fi you can look at the bottom of your router for information.

Next click on the Save Settings button, and reboot for safe measure. Remember all devices that were configured with the old password now need to refreshed.

That’s it–pretty simple isn’t it.

For added security I’d advise you to change your router admin password and disable Wi-Fi protected setup option on the router.

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Try it on someone else router 🙂

I noticed a lot of cafe’s provide free Wi-Fi with an 8-digit password, and just based on that I can guess that the 8-digit password was provided by Unifi. If you’re ever in a cafe where the Wi-Fi password is 8 digits long, then try logging onto on your router and enter that same 8-digit password as the router password. Most of the time it doesn’t work, but once in a while you get a poor soul that forgot to change their router password before broadcasting their Wi-Fi password.

What else you need to do

Just changing your Wi-Fi password is not enough, as I demonstrated when I logged onto some unsuspecting unifi subscribers without even accessing their WiFi. Be sure to disable remote access to your Router to ensure that no one can access your router from the internet as well. Follow the instructions here.


  1. Redza

    I cant access my router.i used admin as username and the 8 digit password but it doesnt keeps telling me that its the wrong username or password.please help

    • keithrozario

      you might have changed it. check the work sheet that TM gave you that may have more info. The alternative is unplugging the Wan cable and complain to TM that your connection is down. They may guide you to log in your router with the password they think you have.

      • keithrozario

        Hi Redza,

        I also just remembered that the default password for the router is a ‘blank’. So just enter admin for the username and keep the password field empty and try…might work.

        Let me know how it goes.


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  3. Wow that so simple to change? I did call to ask for changing my Unifi password and that blood sucker said need RM50 for them to do it!! I can spend you lunch then! Lol.. TQVM!

    • Thanks… 🙂

      Did you manage to eventually change your password? Unifi locking your WiFi password is bad practice on their even if you find out that your neighbour is stealing your WiFi you can’t do anything, unless you pay RM50 to them. That’s bad….very bad.

  4. Sdchris

    Thank You. The step by step guide were most helpfull.
    I do not under stand the security disable part. I will search more of your topic and get back to you.

    • kar2on

      Hi Ashley, you can try:

      Username : admin
      Password : telekom

      Or if that doesn’t work, then try the following, one is bound to work:

      Username : operator
      Password : h566UniFi

      Username : Management
      Password : TestingR2

      btw, please change your router password, once you’ve found out what it is.

      • Todd

        Thank dude, it works. Out of curiousity, I used ‘admin’ as the user and left it blank for the password. I did not use the LAN cable. i assumed that im using the default user n password. So how did i connect to my router? There is a few unifi user in my area.

        • kar2on

          You can’t connect to a router unless you’re on the network first. So either you plugged in the LAN cable, or you connected to the WiFi.

          The other way to access the router is if you knew the external IP address of the router–i.e. the WAN IP.

          About 50% of users don’t change their default router password, and about 90% of users don’t change the operator and management password. And there’s a real simple way to log onto about 90% of unifi routers out there–provided you can find their WAN IP.

          p.s. I know how to find them….thinking of writing a post about it soon.

          • Todd

            Useful info…. 1 more thing. For added security, u advised to disable wifi protected setup option. I did that. But it made my devices not having to key-in the password (no prompt for password either). So what does the feature do actually?

  5. nieyz

    hye there ..already change my wifi password,but still cant connect to the internet ..the led’s at internet wont flash .. 🙁 only the power, Wireless led’s flash ..

  6. Shyam Gurung

    sir i saw 1 message on my laptop screen that was another cpu also using same ip add what it is some body stolen my password or what. plz advice me

    • keithrozario

      Hey Shyam,

      No it just means that two machines on your network are trying to use the same IP, a solution would be to use DHCP on all your machines, but the best solution would be to properly set all the IPs on your devices so that they don’t conflict. This is usually a case where some devices use DHCP, and others use static IPs.


  7. AlexTee

    thanks for the instruction. in case someone cannot firgure out the password, can leave it blank. (as my username is admin and password is *blank*. 10q

    • keithrozario

      Hi Leaf,

      You’ll need to be connected to your WiFi network first. If you don’t know your WiFi password, you can connect directly via an Ethernet cable first and then change the WiFi using that.


      • Leaf Hao

        Hi i can connect my wifi and i know my wifi password but i enter the web
        that web need username and password and i dont know how to find the username and password can you help me ?

  8. Chris

    Thanks so much, it is really easy and helpful. I have used your way twice and find it really easy and not as daunting as i think it is. Thank you very much.

    • keithrozario

      Try one of the following:

      Username: Management
      Password: TestingR2

      Username : operator
      Password : h566UniFi

      Username : operator
      Password : telekom

  9. Afiq

    Hey thanks for the tips bro. Just wondering, what’ll happen if I disable Wi-Fi protected setup option on the router. What won’t be able to do?


    • keithrozario

      Hi Afiq,

      WPS is used for you to easily hook up devices like printers to your network. However, it’s full of security holes, and I always advise readers to switch it off—now!

      Hope that helps.


  10. easy

    Hi, I got this message “all the SSID are disabled, you should enable at least one SSID” when i reached the step 3 “manual wireless connection setup”. I would be very grateful if you could guide me further on this.

  11. John


    I’m unable to log on to the wifi, thus unable to access the page.

    And apparently all of my devices from the phone to the tablet (wrong password message – *definitely correct*), to my mac (connection timeout – *regardless of entering the right or purposely wrong password*).

    What could be the reason?

    Thanks in advance

  12. Anonymous

    Hi Keith,

    Was wondering if you could help me. I am a Unifi subscriber and recently i did a factory reset in the router server resulting in total loss of internet connection. Not knowing what i had done i called the Unifi technical helpline for assistance. Unifi gave me a step by step instruction to setup a new internet and wireless connection but she told me to use a different SSID. Hence, I did as what i was told.

    Now the internet is working again flawlessly. However, i still have my original SSID (@unifi) everytime i do a search on available wifi connections. How do i remove the original SSID or at least how do i revert back to that original SSID? According to the unifi technician, it is permanently unable to be used. Would you by any chance have any solution to share?

    Thank you in advance!

    • keith

      Hey man, the SSID has nothing to do with Unifi and can be changed. It won’t affect your connection, I think the support guy who answered your call didn’t know better.

      It should be under manual wireles configuration, and you can change the SSID to anything to desire. Let me know if you need more help.

  13. Azzuan

    Hi. Housemates just changed our router password. I have the password, but when I log in, it says unable to connect. And on my phone, it says wrong password. I know it’s the same because I’ve compared with a friend’s laptop that’s connected to it. Any idea on what’s going on?

  14. Anonymous

    changing Unifi password and changing your wireless password is two different thing. I was looking on how to actually to reset our Unifi password, a password to get connected to TM Unifi..

    • keith

      Yeah, sorry man (or lady)

      I know the title is a bit misleading, but most Malaysians don’t know the difference and search for Unifi password when they mean WiFi password. Hence, I wrongly titled my post in order to cover that.

      I don’t know how to change the ‘Unifi’ password.

  15. Nixie

    that’s an awesome helpful blog you got there. but just wondering, is there an option to off and on wifi easily but the pc internet still running? i want to control the workers on using the wifi but allowing them some benefit of using it during their break time. is there a way?

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  17. Elly

    Hi….i hide my SSID and now i cannot find my wifi network..i try to change back my SSID but the website cannot open..what should i do..pls help me..?

  18. From what I’ve been reading below, i know now that DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR ROUTER. NO NEED TO ACT LIKE you have important industry secrets or plan to commit a crime. Just leave it be and enjoy the web. Install good antivirus and not the free ones..

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