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Why I stopped the Nuffnang Ads on my blog

About 2 months back, I posted up a nuffnang ad on my blog, and with reasons explaining why I felt the need to advertise. The guys from Nuffnang were pretty stand-up characters and I felt like I could trust them, so I begin to post Nuffnang ads and monitor that over time.

Unfortunately the results haven’t been so good, and after some reflection I decided not to port over the nuffnang ads when I migrated the blog over to a new hosting provider. It’s important to recognize that your experience with Nuffnang could be different, and I have no doubt that they do contribute significantly to some bloggers, but for me the relationship just wasn’t going anywhere and I wasn’t really getting any value out of the ads. So when I migrated my blog from Nearlyfreespeech to WPWebHost I decided not to port over the Nuffnang advertising widget–and here’s why?

Nuffnang Ads weren’t paying that well

Of course, I’m not a prominent blogger, and I don’t get that many hits, However, I felt my traffic was worth far more than the Rm2.75 that Nuffnang gave me. I only qualified for the Cost-Per-Click campaign, rather than the Cost-Per-Unique-View campaign, and the total payout for the Cost-Per-Click campaign was pretty bad.

Just to give you an idea, from Aug-20 till Sep-16, I had 7778 Unique views and 9783 Total Views. That’s not much of course, but in that same duration I received Rm0.75 in payment. Yeap, 75 cents!!

Working linearly, if I got 700,000 views a month I would get just RM75 per month from the Cost-Per-Click campaign. If you get that sort of traffic, you’re probably spending more than Rm75/month on hosting charges.

So obviously the money is to be made in the Cost-Per-Unique-View campaign or the Sponsored Post, unfortunately in the two months I was with Nuffnang I received neither :(, hence I was only Rm2.75 richer. That didn’t even cover my trip to KL to meet up with the guys from Nuffnang…haha!

Nuffnang Ad Earnings Breakdown

While it is quite embarrassing to break down a number like RM2.75, here’s the numbers:

Nuffnang Malaysia Ad Sponsors
So by far the largest contributor to my blog is Maxis–I wonder how they feel about that. I’m not exactly Maxis biggest fan, and I have given them a lot of stig for it, but they’re contributed Rm1.25 to me. I was thinking of doing a little victory dance over a Maxis Logo, until I realized that my monthly Maxis Bill is well over 100 times that amount. I must also point out, that while I complain about Maxis a lot, I was recently enlightened at how good they’re data coverage and I must say they’ve got their core telecom offering –spot-on perfect.

Following up is the Samsung Galaxy S3 promo, which is good, cause I’m a huge S3 fan, so it’s good that I’m supporting brands I’m happy with. It’s worth to point out that these aren’t personally choices, but assigned by the nuffnang automatically.

Also noteworthy, is that Shell gave me RM0.25 for advertising–and if you’ve seen my LinkedIN profile you’d know I work at Shell. So I technically received a 25 cent increment on my salary in July. I’m just hoping my real increment would be significantly better. (MUCH BETTER!!)

Finally rounding it up is Unilever and Choclairs, I’m not sure what they’re doing advertising on a Tech blog, but if you’re from Unilever or Cadbury–thanks for the 25 cents!! I probably couldn’t buy a piece of Cadbury chocolate with that amount–but it’s the thought that counts.

Nuffnang Analytics aren’t that good

If you benchmark the Nuffnang Analytics against Google Analytics, we’re talking some serious difference here. It’s almost like comparing Man United and Liverpool (psyche!!)

Google Analytics let’s you store data nearly forever, Nuffnang drops the data at the end of the month. Google let’s you view the location (up to the town) and browsers versions of your visitors, it let’s you look at page speeds, and avg. time on pages. Google let’s you look at the keywords that drive traffic to your site and even an SEO report to look at impressions and CTRs on Google. Nuffnang have none of these or execute them quite badly.

I guess Nuffnang is a blogging platform and advertising space, not an Analytics offering, so they track only what they’re interested in–but Nuffnang or not, you definitely need Google Analytics, and don’t even bother with Nuffnangs, it’s not going to give you any real analytics.

Nuffnang Analytics and Nuffnang Ads are the same

Nuffnang run both their Analytics (the ability to track the traffic to your site) and their ads from the same piece of javascript. Now that sounds very efficient, since you can perform both the analytics and ad from the same piece of code, but there is downside. If the user visiting your site has an ad-blocker to block ads, it’s going to block your Nuffnang Ads–but it’s also going to block your Nuffnang Analytics as well (because they’re the same piece of code). That way you won’t have a true sense of just how well (or not so well) your blog is doing.

Google on the other hand, run AdSense and Analytics on two separate pieces of code. That allows users to block the Google Ads while still submitting data to Google Analytics.

That being said, some users use full-blown Javascript blockers which block all Javascript on the site. Hence making both the Analytics and Ads useless.

I’m guessing some of this of course, but I did notice a significant discrepancy (10%) in the Nuffnang Analytics and the Google Analytics, and I think Ad-Blockers are the reason.


You might call it sour grapes or just downright ranting, I was really hoping to taking my blogging to the next level–but alas, somethings were not meant to be. I think the guys at Nuffnang are doing a good job at encouraging the Malaysian blogging community, and they’re adding a lot of value to some bloggers. It’s just that, personally, I never felt connected to the Nuffies, and it just didn’t work out for me. I’m not discouraging you from trying Nuffnang, but I hope I provided a realistic view of what it will be like when you place Nuffnang Ads on your blog.

I may use Nuffnang again when my traffic increases to see what happens, or I may switch to Google AdSense. Watch this space, but in the meantime if you’re looking for an honest review of Nuffnang from a tech blogger, well you’ve found one.


  1. Hiew Chok Sien

    i tried setting up google adsense for my boardgame blog, but was auto rejected by google’s robot filter. it seems the robot doesn’t trust me because i have too many links at my blog. i create a tag for each game that i write about, and i just have an extremely long list of tags. i couldn’t find a way to get a human google employee to check my blog out. needless to say, this lack of a human touch left me a little cold about google. hope you have better luck!

    • Yeah, Google is all about automated responses and automating everything possible. They always like to think about how things will scale later–and manual checking just doesn’t scale.

      Pity you couldn’t register. You’d probably make tonnes from your traffic 🙂

    • Probably true, the biggest blogs on Nuffnang are the lifestyle blogs, and not the tech blogs. I guess in terms of the general population, more Malaysians read lifestyle blogs than tech blogs :(.

      Good to see that Mytechquest has some ads as well, how are those ads doing?

      • Adsense is my main source of online income for the past five years. Although the revenue is nothing to shout about, at least it helps me pay some bills every month. 🙂

        Why didn’t you put Adsense here?

  2. braveri

    hmmm… so i should be happy with my nuffnang earnings i guess… in my experience nuffnang ptc costs vary, i just got patient with my earnings and after 3 months I got my first pay 🙂

    • keithrozario

      I understand that you’ll only get paid when you hit Rm50 so you must be doing pretty well… better than me at least 🙂

      what’s your blog anyway??

  3. Kairyuzai

    Four years with them and earned RM4.50 for my click campaign and RM20 for sponsorship post 🙁 Coming 5 years… RM24.50 still cant be cashed out :((

  4. Just joined nuffnang a month ago and my blog traffic is way lower than yours. I’m surprised that a blog like yours with 9000+ pageviews was only earning rm2.75 from nuffnang. This is kinda disappointing and makes me worry. Also, now I know why nuffnang analytics is always lower than google analytics.

    • Hey Icyvirgorox (what does the nick mean?),

      Just visited your blog, you seem to be doing pretty well. Hope you get more than me, and in truth the lifestyle blogs do better on Nuffnang than the tech blogs :). So I wouldn’t be surprised if you do much better than Rm2.75.

      That being said, please also use Google Analytics to really understand your traffic and visitor profiles more effectively :).

      Happy blogging.

      • Hey thanks for visiting my blog and the compliment! Don’t mind what my blog name means because I don’t know what I was thinking when I created the blog. I just know there’s a virgo because i’m a virgo. haha!
        I’m still a beginner learning how to use Google analytics but it really gives a lot of useful information.

  5. Doing a bit of research right now to better decide if I should continue using nuffnang or not. I’m using Nuffnang Philippines and I seem to be doing pretty well with a little over 100 uniques a day (according to their stats). My blog is a personal/fitness blog though so that’s probably the main reason why it’s like that. I used to have an earn money type blog that got 300-400 uniques a day and when I ran nuffnang on that I got nothing lol. Granted i only tested for a bout a week or two but still…

    I also read another pinoy blogger who wrote a post about nuffnang (or it might have been from a local forum) that nuffnang advertisers aren’t really big fans of tech blogs so that’s prolly why it didn’t work out so good for your blog.

  6. iAwani

    I’m also removing Nuffnang ads from my blog. The blog gest so much traffic but so gets so little money from Nuffnang ads. I switched to Adsense instead. More suitable for a tech blog.

  7. eileenaulia

    I am going to use nuffnang but reading your article makes me change my decision. I am looking for adsense alternatives, my bidvertiser does not give me good earning is there any advertising partner that can gives me better ctr?

    • Hey eileenaulia,

      for the most part it’s OK, the money you get is dependant on your advertiser and blog content. So it depends, I know a few people who’ve done quite well with nuffnang, but not with a tech blog.

  8. Patrick Poculan

    I earned P600 via Nuffnang from September 2012 to December 2012. From January 2013 to present, it has been blank. I’m now bored of seeing it’s logo in the top page.

  9. Jas

    Keith, I was wondering how to fix the problem with my ad sense. I did tried applying but it was rejected. Now I cant even change the blog address when I’m reapplying. What do the people from ad sense expects in your blog and how to sort the issue when there is a change in blog address?

  10. Clark

    So I should Stop my ads in Nuffnang , it seems I heard it all its a negative results . How sad ?.. I also get approved from Google Adsense , But sad to say in second review I does not follow policy.. How to resolve that ? No conclusion ?

  11. gemima :)

    i hve a friend and she’s been a member in nuffnang for 1 month and a week.. after that she received 1200 php how is it possible? why is it that others do not receive theirs?

  12. Ain Nia

    hi, I am just a month active in blogger with nuffnang add. It is so dispointer me if nuffnang only pay me RM1.00 CPR not for my 600 unique visitor and 1200 view. I am student, I hope if I can really earn more RM100 per month! I really need money. When read up your post and comment, its make me down because I waste mytime on nuffnang.:( . I already sent the ticket to nuffnang about this 3days ago but they are not reply me yet..

    please give me support and visit to my beauty blog :

    • kar2on

      Hi Ain Nia,

      Just because you hope to earn Rm100/month doesn’t mean you WILL.

      The reality is that while I’m disappointed about Nuffnang, I don’t think it’s their responsibility to pay more money than I deserve. What ticket did you send to nuffnang and what did you ask them about?

      • Ain Nia

        Hi kar2on,

        I already receive their reply after 4 days and many times I sent ticket to them about will I am payed based on my unique visitor or just CPC? They are respond like this

        ”Hi there! Sorry about the delay in replying! We have had a lot of enquiries lately. If you have had UNIQUE clicks on your ad units, your earnings should be updated every other week. Trust in our system that your earnings will be credited into your account in due time.”

        ”Hi there, Please understand that you are fairly new to the community and it takes time to monitor your blog before you start getting campaigns. We have checked our system and it seems that your blog has a daily unique reach of 19 viewers. This is not enough to get campaigns. Perhaps you can try to increase your traffic to higher the chances of you getting more campaigns. Thank you and have a nice day!”

        what to do think if I want to earn money, do I need stay with nuffnang or leave it? if yes, please let me know which one is the best to earn the money? thanks

        • kar2on

          Hi Ain Nia,

          I try hard not to discourage people, but you need to set some realistic expectations when it comes to this. You currently have 19 unique hits a day, meaning that over the course of a month, you get around 600 unique viewers. That’s not a small amount, but it’s not big either. You claim you want to earn at least Rm100/day, which means each viewer on your blog should earn you about 15 cents, I hate to disappoint, but nobody gets 15 cents per viewer.

          Please try to patient, and grow your blog rather than aim to make money. At the end of the day, a blog should be a place for you to enjoy and write about things you’re truly passionate about–not a place where you try to earn a lot of money.

          If you go into the blogging experience looking to purely earn money, you’ll be terrible upset at the end…

          Nobody will pay you the kind of money you want, based on the 19 unique viewers you have per day. So grow your traffic, then start thinking about how to monetize it.


          • Ain Nia

            Hi kar2on,
            Now I realize what my aim to build blog is because I want share with others about my passion and lifestyle with some earn of money or get any sponsor. Why I write to you is because on that time I really need money so I looked at my nuffnang and think I should earn from this but get disappointing when nuffnang doesn’t credit based on my unique visitors. But now I understand, thank you for your concerned. Please support my blog so my blog traffic grow and I will became patient. =)

          • kar2on

            Glad to hear that Ain Nia,

            When i started this blog, I first tried to get just 1000 hits a month, and that took me two months, so hang in there and just keep having fun.


  13. Bard

    Hi Keith,

    This information is most fruitful. After being fully rejected by Google I have been seeking alternatives to advertising solutions. Quite recently I put up Nuffnang for my sports fishing site and i have been puzzled by their methods.

    Quite simply i received feedback from few of my readers that they have been “helping” me in a certain way online. The site says that they will register payment immediately but its still Zero. Could it be that the amount be very little?

    I clock about 600 – 1200 unique visitors a day. (a lot more 600’s than thousands. Quiet over the weekends)

    • kar2on

      Hey Bard,

      Really nice website you got there. Yeah, the amount could be really small, in most cases I think your website is a bit too niche for nuffnang, my theory is that nuffnang works well for the mainstream blogs about food, fashion, lifestyle..etc. Niche blogs about technology and fishing, struggle to make an impact.

      Not really nuffnangs fault, they’re just doing what the general public want–and the general public don’t fish! 🙁

      Glad the post helped you.

      • Bard

        HI Keith, Quite contrary it is a very big hobby in Malaysia. However you could be right on the part about NUff Nang.

        Any ideas on any ad provider that can yield better income?

        • kar2on

          Sorry Bard, some people have had success with Google adsense, but unless you have a really popular website, you’ll struggle to get any decent ad revenue.

  14. Mr Pilot

    Hi Keith,
    somehow, I do agree with you from my blog . I drop nuffnang ads in my blog because I don’t think I earn anything and, to put nuffnang ads its just not a win-win situation. They definitely get more advantage by free advertisement in blogs.
    Maybe in the future i’ll try it again.

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  16. Iskandar


    I agree. Nuffnang pays peanuts and it is nowhere near to the performance of adsense. I run a Malay tourism site and despite getting near 100,000 visitors a month, my monthly earning is similar to yours.

    To bloggers new to ad monetization, ignore Nuffnang. It is far more easier and profitable to sell your worn out boots in than generating 3 ringgit a month with Nuffnang. Yes, I am dead serious.

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  19. i never know how nuffnang really works. i cant remember when did i sign up for it but blogger stats told me i have 260k views over the 5 years. and i only have rm28.90 so far. though i think ive been using nuffnang on and off. also the ads sometimes dont show up. now im not sure if i want to continue using it

    • keith

      If you’re thinking of starting multiple blogs just to earn money, my advice is to stop. VERY few blogs actually generate sustainable income, and the few that do shouldn’t be used as a benchmark for the rest.

      The blogs that do make money, are usually very focused in delivering a specific type of news–starting multiple blogs isn’t going to help in the long run as you’ll be stretching your resources too thin to produce quality content.


  20. Actually i’m new to this blogger world .. I saw everyone put nuffnang ads at their sides of their blogs so i become interested in it ( So i clicked it.. tadaaa ) … I just registered nuffnang 2 days ago n then i saw someone shared about this article ..

    The funny is i nvr thoughts we can gain money from this ads ( i thought this ads , it’s just for “add a widget” things n it makes looks beautiful n most of it “ahhh it’s to check traffics data how many user comes to our blogs/websites ) . Hahaha . Sorry for the newb-ness.. The main point So i’ve got confuse which is the best ? They said komli was the best one n also nuffnang not bad either or other said ” just use both lah ” ( with malaysia accents of course )

    So after i’ve seen so many reviews and i’m totally “blank” ( What in the world just going on tho ) “a lil bit of anime reactions” haha .. Btw your post are awesome , i really do enjoy it .. It sounds like crazy right ? ( double writer personalities ) haha.. Yaa I really dooo enjoy it . As a blogger .. Just keep it up with a good post . Thumbs up

  21. keith

    Hey Syamsid,

    I don’t do ads, because I don’t want my visitors to be tracked. I do use google analytics though, because I’d like to understand my traffic, but I stopped everything else to give my readers some privacy.

    Plus I wasn’t making much on the ads anyway.


  22. Good post Keith, I am glad I came across your review on Nuffnang. As a newbie, an honest review luke yours is much needed.

    I always thought we need to be an ex model to get a blog VIP promotion haha.

    Anyway..good comments also above.

  23. JNM

    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for your post of why you’ve stopped with Nuffnang and all the comments from the bloggers. If your tech blog couldn’t generate more income from Nuffnang, think our financial blog might not work well too. SInce we’re new, we’ll see how…

  24. mac

    What an awfulexperience with Nuffnang. I didn’t know if it’s in your niche or what but my personal blog earned 24 pesos in just 2 weeks with just a small traffic in Nuffnang. I think it is the advertisement itself. The advertisement that showed on my blog is PS Bank and someone clicked it and gave me 20 pesos for a single click. Just don’t stop blogging 😀

  25. Kat

    Hi what does RM mean? I have cpuv ad campaign ongoing in my blog right now and I don’t understand how the ads work in nuffnang. Hope you could help! Thanks 🙂 x

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