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Testing Media RSS

MediaRSS is a wordpress plugin that allows you to post images into your RSS stream. So instead of seeing, just plain text in GoogleReader or FriendFeed you’d see text and a nice little photo. The plugin supposedly uses the first…

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Moving from Blogger to WordPress

I’ve had my blog on google powered blogger for over 8 years now. I first post on blogger was on April Fools day 2003!! That’s a full 8 years ago, my blog is probably older than some of it’s readers. All 8 of them…

I enjoyed my time with Blogger, and this project  to move everything to was not due to unhappiness with blogger, but rather trying to move things to the next level.

So how do you get the 200+ post from you blogger blog all the way to you ‘new and improved’  wordpress powered blog that you host on your own?

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Using Google Web Fonts on WordPress


Ever got up in the morning and wished you could blog in Tangerine, or felt like only Special Elite could fully express your creative juices. How about: syncopate!!

All those words in color are in fonts that are deemed not websafe, yet you can probably view it nicely on your browsers…the trick is using Googles new web gizmo, the Google WebFonts API.

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What is a WordPress Cache and how do I use it?

WordPress is the best blogging platform out there. It’s the best blogging platform ever. It’s great, but there is one downside. It’s SLOOOOW. How Slow, depending on what you post up. People are a lot more forgiving on a PC, but if you’re surfing on EDGE through your mobile phone, or browsing on a slow connection, it’s very very slow. Painfully slow.

There is a great solution though

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Contact Form for WordPress: Contact form 7

Call me Even though you’ve got the social network icons on the menu bar, underneath every post and your email plastered all over the website. Sometimes it’s worth it to have a contact form for visitors to contact you via the webpage. This means they don’t have to login into facebook/twitter or their email to contact you. There are advantages of course, if someone stumbled across your page from an airport computer, they’re less likely to logon to anything there but they’d be more than willing to send you an email via your contact form. Personally I receive a lot more messages from people via the contact form then on any social media. The old way still lives 🙂

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What is a QR Code

My QR Code with my contacts

Ever wonder what that funny looking Barcode thing on newspaper ads and beer cans is? Well it’s called a QR code and it’s a fad that catching on. Just like a barcode that encapsulates information into lines of varying size–remember that thing cashiers scan at the checkout aisle? A QR code is exactly like a bar-code but in 2 Dimensions rather than just 1.

A QR code encapsulates information into a digital block of black and white squares. However, unlike barcodes that are single dimension across one line, a QR code is 2-dimensional across both length and height. That extra dimension however, allows it to store FAR more data than a regular barcode. This extra dimension is why some call a 2D-barcode.

QR codes act like barcodes, but instead of storing numbers that need to be deciphered, QR codes store actual information in text form. So for instance the bar code for a bottle of Orange Juice would be deciphered as 11232323 , and then the supermarkets computer would tie that number to the price and description of the Orange Juice. From my previous knowledge of working with these things, I believe their called SKUs.

The QR code for the bottle would be deciphered as, Sunkist Orange Juice 5L: made in America. With all that information in text form, rather than just a number to be looked-up.

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Creating a email for your domain using Google Apps

So with the latest that the Malaysian government hopes to spend upwards of USD15 million to give every single Malaysian above 18 years of age an email address, I just noticed I have no email address

Unfortunately, (my web host) does not provide a email like other webhost do. If you’ve got your website hosted on goDaddy, Dreamhost or bluehost, you’ll have in built email functionality. If you’re with Nearlyfreespeech, you’re on your own (which is why they’re cheap).

That being said, Google also offers free email service for your own domain and it’s much better than whatever offered by GoDaddy or Dramhost. So no matter where you host your domain, I advise you use Google Apps to host your email. Here’s a quick and dirty tutorial on how to setup your Email on Google apps, and have Google host your domains email for FREE!!

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LinkedIn reaches 100 million members

According to the LinkedIn blog, LinkedIn that ever popular ‘professional’ facebook like thingy now has more members than the population of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore combined. LinkedIn has grown to a more niche social network that proves Facebook isn’t the only kid on the block, and niche networks like LinkedIn do have a future, for instance we’re more likely to search for a job/talent via LinkedIn than via facebook, and for the most part it’s probably better to keep our social (facebook) and professional (linkedIn) lives separate.