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I’ve had my blog on google powered blogger for over 8 years now. I first post on blogger was on April Fools day 2003!! That’s a full 8 years ago, my blog is probably older than some of it’s readers. All 8 of them…

I enjoyed my time with Blogger, and this project  to move everything to was not due to unhappiness with blogger, but rather trying to move things to the next level.

So how do you get the 200+ post from you blogger blog all the way to you ‘new and improved’  wordpress powered blog that you host on your own?It’s actually so simple, I can’t believe it. To move from Blogger to WordPress, all you have to do is logon to your WordPress dashboard, then head on over to:

1. Tools->import

2. choose blogger and follow the steps.

It is just that simple. I copied all 200+ post, and 50+ comments in under 5 minutes. Unbelievable !! I almost planned a weekend for this.

However, that’s not the end of it. You’ll need to setup your old blog so visitors to that blog are then redirected to your current blog. However, I haven’t manage to figure that out yet, it’s already 10.30pm here and I had a long morning today :).

I just have to say this : WordPress ROCKS!

If you’re interested to learn more try the following links:

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So what’s my favorite thing about reading old post, that I remembered post like these:

p.s. I discovered once I copied over all 200 post from over eight years, my archives on the sidebar menu displayed a LONGGGG list of months from 2003 till 2011. So I change the archiving sidebar to yearly rather than monthly to make it look neater.

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