Youtube Video flagged as inappropriate


Last week one of my most popular videos detailing how I hacked Unifi accounts was ‘flagged’ as inappropriate in YouTube–apparently it was in violation of their community guidelines. As such my video was made unavailable and essentially deleted from Youtube. I was upset. The email I received from YouTube, gave no indication as to what I did wrong, and even though it states that...

Igor Presnyakov succeeds in getting kickstart-ed


Now some say he lives in Amsterdam and lives only on cheese,that may be fiction but damnit this guy is the best guitarist I’ve seen. Check out Igor’s rendition of Canon from the youtube embed above and you’ll know what I’m talking about, or just head on over to youtube and check out the countless songs he’s played on youtube including sweet child of mine¬†or someone...

Facebook sues developer while Google takes youtube domains: What’s the difference


wpCandy reports that Facebook recently sued an Indonesian blogger who created a wordpress theme that could turn your wordpress site to look like Facebook, and the similarities were really striking. For one your post look exactly like status updates on your Facebook profile and comments on those post look exactly like your friends commenting on your status updates in Facebook. Similarly...