How many FAKE followers does Najib have on twitter?


A Social Media Analytics firm recently reported that nearly 50% of Justin Bieber followers on Twitter–were fake. This meant that nearly 18 million followers on Justins twitter account either belonged to no ‘real’ person or belonged to a spam account–and that dear readers is a lot of spam! That’s like a newspaper saying its circulation was 100,000 a day, but it was...

4 Reasons you need an RSS feed


If you don’t know what RSS is, prepare to have your mind blown. If you’ve never used RSS, chances are you’re still bookmarking your favorite websites and blogs and visiting them on a regular basis painfully one at a time. RSS feeds allow you to magically consolidate all the content you read online, into one platform where you can get your daily dose of information all at one go...

Using the crowd to predict the future


I just finished Crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe, the definitive book on crowdsourcing, and although it was written nearly 4 years ago, I was really bowled over by key insights throughout the book. Crowdsourcing is more than just the design work or iStockphoto, there’s also an offshoot into the world of Crowd-predicting. Utilizing the wisdom of the crowds to predict anything from sports results...

3 ways to get more visibility in twitter


I’ve been using twitter for some time now, as I hope to make it the default social media for promoting my blog. Thanks for platforms like bufferapp and bit.ly, I can track how often people visit my website from twitter. The result aren’t good, in fact I’d be lucky if a tweet was able to garner 2 hits to my website, most of the time it hovers around an agonizing ZERO!! So what am...

Bufferapp : Schedule your Tweets


Buffer is a great tool that helps your organize and schedule your tweets to maximize your shameless attempts to promote your website on twitter. Well let’s face it, I’m on twitter but with only 39 followers its not really adding any hits to my website…well maybe one or two. What’s clear though is that good blog content without any social media promotion on twitterr ...

Twitter vs. News: How they reported the Oslo bombing


Working for a Multinational company means I have colleagues from all over the globe, some of whom I’ve developed a friendly relationship with, friendly enough to ‘friend’ them on facebook. Today I received the tragic news of the Oslo bombings not from CNN or BBC, not even from the Google news, but over a facebook status update from a colleague of mine in Norway. The sad news of...

Fox News Twitter got hacked, claims Obama is dead


Fox news, the great TV channel that brought us the Simpsons and Bill O’ Reilly today had it’s twitter account hacked. Hackers manage to break into @foxnewspolitics twitter account and start posting bogus tweets, one notably about an assassination of Barack Obama. The hackers painstakingly painted a picture of Obama dying from two shots to the head over the course of 3-5 tweets...

Embedding Tweets in your Post using Twitter-Blackbird


Twitter Blackbird is a cool wordpres plugin that let’s you embed tweets the way they appear in twitter without having to go through snapshots and uploading jpegs into WordPress. The tweet will then appear prominently and with all it’s formatting intact (if the tweeter had a black background, the backgroud would appear as part of the tweet…AWESOME!).

Visualizing the Twitter Universe


Nathan Yau, the guy over at Flowing Data (an amazing blog),  recently posted about a website called tweetolife that allowed you visualize tweets by either gender or by hours. So for instance a simple check on the word ‘shopping’ allows you to see what words were most associated with shopping on every tweet sectioned out by gender. For instance Men are more likely to tweet about...