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Security Headers for Gov-TLS-Audit


Gov-TLS-Audit got a brand new domain today. No longer is it sharing a crummy domain with sayakenahack (which is still blocked in Malaysia!), it now has a place to call it’s own. The domain cost me a whooping $18.00/yr on AWS, and involved a couple hours of registration and migration. So I felt that while migrating domains, I might as well implement proper security headers as well. Security...

3 times GovTLS helped fixed government websites


Couple months back I started GovTLSAudit. A simple service that would scanĀ  .gov.my domains, and report on their implementation of TLS. But the service seems to have benefits above and beyond that, specifically around having a list of a government sites that we can use to cross-check against other intel sources like Shodan (which we already do daily) and VirusTotal. So here’s 3 times...

Computing Professionals Bill 2011: Not again!!


The Malaysian government is a crazy bunch, just today I saw two bits of news that left me squirming with disgust. First a short piece on Christmas Carollers requiring Police Permits to go Carolling (not just permits but full details of every activitiy) and then later today there is a new Computing Professionals Bill 2011. Why would a government want to regulate the computing Industry? It’s...