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One year of Blogging on Nearlyfreespeech


I’m a big fan of Nearlyfreespeech. I think they’re a great webhost, and so far I haven’t been proven wrong. Sure their interface is a bit ‘simplistic’ and they’re site looks a bit dated, but overall I like the speed the provide, their infrastructure hasn’t failed me and their security hasn’t been compromised. The same can’t be said about my...

Holykaw! I’m on Alltop


A lot of my blogs are tech-centric with a focus on web 2.0 technology. However, this decision to start this ‘new’ blog and abandon my old political slanted blogger blog was in part due to a book I read by Guy Kawasaki. Guy seems to be of the opinion that good is good enough, and if you’re going to do something…do something first, and then improve it as you go along. In...

Creating a site to share those pesky LARGE files


Ever since they took down drop.io I’ve been struggling to find a site where I could share content/files with my developers and service providers. I work for the IT department of a multinational company and sometimes I require to share content with developers and service providers that are not from my company (and therefore don’t share access to the intranet). I’m sure many...

4 Reasons you need Web Based Project Management


Last week, I blogged about how to start a wiki on your blog. One of the great things about wiki was to run a entire project using a wiki, however a wiki is limited in functionality and a lack of any concrete structure makes wiki unacceptable for certain projects. If you’re looking to run a full project management suite that lets you look at task, tasklist and milestones. Manage time and...

Consolidating Emails using Gmail


Previously, I posted about using Google apps to take care of your websites email needs. However, there was one nagging issue which always bugged me. My personal account was a gmail account, and if my website email address was hosted on google apps, that meant I could only login to one email at a time. This was troublesome especially if I was expecting an email on both accounts at once. The...

Creating a wiki on Nearlyfreespeech


Wikipedia isn’t the only Wiki around. A wiki is a generic term us geeks use to describe “A website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users” Now wasn’t that a mouthful. To put it simply, a wiki is a website that contains many articles, and ANYONE can update those articles. Why do you need a site wiki, well the website gigaom has 15...

LinkedIn and Facebook Login Credentials


While Facebook and Google wage holy war for the soul of the internet, the front line of the battle it seems is the login credential area. Facebook with it’s 100’s of millions of users are really making headway in this category. The premise is simple, for new and existing website designers, you can have your users log in with their Facebook credentials rather than your own unique...

Sub-domains on your site


Subdomains are a tricky thing. In laymans terms all it means is to have something else in place of the ‘www’ in your web address. So for example: <- This is my domain <- this is my sub-domain, more specifically the resume sub-domain. Creating a subdomain allows you to section out your website, while allowing your urls to look cleaner. Personally I’m a bit...

Adding a facebook Like Button to your post


Adding facebook like buttons are tricky things. It used to be I’d need to install a new plugin to have these facebook like buttons. For instance I use to use DiggDigg, which is a pretty good plugin for wordpress. However, for the initiated a code version that I could stick anywhere in my post seemed a lot more flexible to me.
So how does it work. Simple.