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Previously, I posted about using Google apps to take care of your websites email needs. However, there was one nagging issue which always bugged me. My personal account was a gmail account, and if my website email address was hosted on google apps, that meant I could only login to one email at a time. This was troublesome especially if I was expecting an email on both accounts at once.

The workaround that solves this is simple, consolidate your email accounts into one login. This makes things a easier, and allowed me to check my websites emails ([email protected]) while still using my personal email ([email protected]).

The steps to do this are very simple. In fact you can consolidate the accounts as long as you have a pop3 email.

Step1: Go to Settings->Account on your Gmail panel

Step2:Then under ‘Get email from other accounts’ , click Add a mail account you own

Step3: Fill in the details

Username:[email protected] (don’t forget the
Password:-your email password- Port:995

The rest is pretty much up to you, check all 4 boxes. This will:
1) Leave a copy on the server (for you to access via the usual google apps login)
2) Use a secure connection (always good!)
3) Lable the messages [email protected] , this helps store it in a separate part of your gmail inbox
4) Skip the inbox (so the messages are stored in the labled, rather than populating your inbox)

If everything goes well, you’ll be able to see emails from your website email here in your personal inbox. VOILA!

The last thing you want to do is to enable this ultra cool google labs app that lets you check your website email at a click of a button from your personal email. To enable the plugin visit this link (courtesy of lifehacker)

*note you must be logged onto gmail for the link to work

For more cool google labs inventions to install check out this post from lifehacker.

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