Ibrahim Ali gets his maths wrong




There’s something terribly wrong, when a politician can’t get his million, billions and trillions correct. This Malaysian Insider story has quoted my favorite bigot as saying:

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“Right now, the GNI of Bumiputeras is RM56 million. So to achieve RM900 billion by 2020, the government must provide funds worth RM1.4 trillion to Bumiputeras,” he said.

I’m pretty sure the 56 million is a typo or just a slip of the tongue, however the RM900 Billion requiring Rm1.4 Trillion, is some what of a ‘calculator rosak’ moment for Ibrahim Ali. Of course this begs the question—where will the additional RM500 Billion go?

All the more reason we should start teaching kids Maths and Science early in schools, cause even our good Friend Ibrahim Ali can’t get his figures and sums correct.

Lain kali sebelum release Press Statement, belajarla sedikit matematik dulu!!

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