Why you must ALWAYS question government


Today I read that our beloved Education Minister is ‘SHOCKED’ that Malaysian students are not on par with their foreign counterparts. 

Shocked? Really?

Just 2 years ago, the good Minister was proudly proclaiming that “The Malaysian education system is on track to becoming among the world’s best“, and this was backed up by a Government Transformation Project (GTP) report.

What happened? Malaysia suddenly make a u-turn, or were you just blind to what was actually happening?

What I have been loudly shouting at the top of my lungs for the last 3 years, is only now becoming apparent to a guy whose full-time job it is to look after our education. Basically I knew 3 years ago, what the freaking Education Minister is only know realizing–and he’s shocked.

Above all, he has the audacity to say “that 21% of the 2015 Budget was invested in the education sector, from pre-school up to university level”. So basically “I’m sorry our education results are so bad, but look we spend so much money on it”

Fuck You!

There’s nothing else to say here, if Malaysia were a company, you’d be fired by now. The only reason you get to keep your job is politics–and the only reason you have it is also politics, so forgive me if I find the assertion that our nation doesn’t politicize education a bit rich. Forgive me if I’m blowing my fucking head off because it’s only now become apparent to you, who will take responsibility for the years of sub-standard education we gave our children for which we spent on a fortune on. If you’re taking 21% of the budget, and don’t produce results, don’t you think it’s time for someone else to get the job?

Here’s what I wrote back in 2012–had you admitted our flaws back then, we could have saved 3 years of giving our children the pathetic education they currently have.

So 2 years ago, they told us that we’re on track to become the worlds best. Now they tell us, they’re shocked we’re still at the bottom third. Isn’t this a perfect example of why we should always question the government—how can any pro-BN supporter justify this crap. You have to (for the children) vote BN out of power, before they turn us into a nation of idiots.

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