Meet your new Ministers of Communication and Multimedia


Couple of weeks before the election, we saw how the Deputy Minister of Information Communications and Culture was so into Information communications. Now, with the new cabinet being sworn in, I’m sad to say we’ll probably see more of the same ol’ same ol’.

Meet your new Deputy Minister of the Communication and Multimedia ministry–Dato’ Jailani Johari!!!

Dato Jailani JOhari Twitter

Apart from having a whooping 71 followers on twitter, and a mind-blowing 5 (yes that’s a single digit) connections on LinkedIn. Although,  he does have more than 2,000 likes on his Facebook page–which he started on April 15th 2013. Coming back to twitter though, did you know he follows a spine-chilling 12 accounts–must be some pretty heavy Communicating going on in the Ministry eh!

Yet, somehow, we think he’s a great guy for the job. The biggest problem I have though is that Dato’ Jailani comes from the SKMM, and I’m just uncomfortable with that fact. Sort of like having someone from Goldman Sachs sit as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He comes from the system!!

However, that’s slightly better than his Boss though, Dato’ Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, whose blog is hosted on blogspot and was last updated August 2009. (2009 !!) Our new Minister of Communication and Multimedia also has no facebook presence of twitter account to speak off.

The one bright spark though, is that you might remember Dato’ Sri Shabery Cheek as the guy who debated Anwar on the rising oil prices–whatever you think of him, at least he was willing to do something almost no one in his party had the guts to do at the time. Also his Bahasa Wikipedia entry states:

Setelah menjadi Menteri Penerangan pada 2008, beliau memberitahu kepada semua blogger supaya dapat diadakan perjumpaan dengannya. Beliau juga memulakan program “Blog” di RTM yang memanggil bloggers-bloggers untuk di wawancara. Antara bloggers yang pernah dipanggil termasuklah bloggers Raja Petra dan juga kuda kepang. Program Blog ini telah membuka peluang kepada bloggers untuk keluar dan memberikan pandangan mereka di televisyen milik kerajaan, sesuatu yang tidak pernah berlaku sebelum ini.

So at least he has some items on his resume that are positive. Though, I’d begin by updating my blog and starting a twitter account.

So here’s wishing the two ministers all the best in their coming term. Don’t get me started though, about how we re-appointed the Education Minister who oversaw our biggest drop in academic performance ever. That’s something I can get off my chest another day.

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