Datuk Maglin Dennis D’cruz in Klang : The non-updating Minister


So it’s official. Datuk Maglin D’Cruz will compete in N.48 Kota Alam Shah in Klang. Sadly this is true.

I never liked Datuk Maglin, he’s the Deputy Information Communications and Culture Minister that was looking at ways to ‘control’ social media. I won’t go much further as to why this is a bad idea–but it just goes to show how in touch Datuk Maglin is on the social media.

To put things into perspective, Datuk Maglin only setup a blog for his assault on the DUN seat yesterday. You heard that right, we had a Deputy Minister of Information Communications, that only started to blog–yesterday!! That’s not as worrying as the fact, that his facebook page wasn’t updated since October 2011.

How do you qualify to be a DEPUTY MINISTER in INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS–when you don’t have  a proper blog or properly maintain your Facebook page?

Things get more strange–because Datuk Maglin appears to have 2 websites–one which is his blog for the N.49 seat (which started only yesterday), and another at mdcruz.my. I mention mdcruz.my, simply because that website is still wishing visitors happy new year–for 2012 (pic below)!! Needless to say as of today, there is no mention of Datuk Maglin competing in N.48 Kota Alam Shah on Datuk Maglins official website. The website appears to be last updated more than a year ago.

If Datuk Maglin can’t even update his own bloody website and facebook page, while he was Deputy Minister of Information Communications–that doesn’t really speak volumes of his ability now does it?

Datuk Maglin Dennis D'Cruz


Astound us with your intelligence

  • Lots of politician still don’t have a simple website. Good that the Dep Minister don’t have:-) but I also see some opp don’t have one too. Local candidate FB page went live in Jan & active in Apr.

    • thanks James. I’m still not impressed when a deputy minister of communications doesn’t even blog regularly.

  • Keith, I totally agree with you with regards to Dep Minister of Comm not blogging. Hopefully we have a decent new person in a few days who knows how the need to do so. I see many candidates for GE13 are way more savvy and know the impact of communicating well with the public