Crowdfunding : Best of Kickstarter 2012


Number of Successful Kickstarter Projects in 2012

Crowdfunding is exploding, and kickstarter is exploding with it.

In 2012 alone, Kickstarter successfully helped start 18,109 projects, from pledges of nearly 300 million. That’s a lot of cash from just random strangers hoping to help someone else realize their dreams, or to help the public in general.

Noteworthy projects include an open-source geiger counter to detect radiation levels in Japan, a kickstarter initiative that released recordings of Classical music to the public domain and funding a Bus Stop in Georgia.

Closer to home, my friend Dev didn’t manage to kickstart his idea of Onlyheart (although he’s launching it now without kickstarter funding), I helped Igor successfully fund Iggyfied and a Malaysian Author successfully kickstarted his book–and it’s now on sale in MPH.

What do you think of Kickstarter? Have any ideas that need funding?

*Cards against Humanity also deserves a mention

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  • I think deep down inside most of us, we have this unrealized dream. Unrealized because we are too comfortable where we are, too comfortable with our regular paychecks, or….a little lazy. Therefore, seeing another person having the guts to take the leap to do something they dream of, gives us hope. And we don’t mind contributing a few dollars to that. Few dollars for hope is an affordable price tag.

    And oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A year older, a year wiser! Many happy returns of the day!