Is the MCMC going to ‘monitor and control’ or is it going to ‘censor’


A week ago, I wrote about the MCMC was planning to ‘monitor and control’ the internet, but just today I looked at my RSS subscription and notice that the Malay version of the press release used completely different words.

While the English version of the Press release used words like ‘monitor and control’, the Bahasa version used the term ‘memantau dan menyekat’. The term ‘memantau dan menyekat’ more appropriately translates to ‘Monitor and Block’ or ‘Monitor and Censor’ rather than ‘Monitor and Control’.

There has to be some reason why the translation wasn’t as accurate as it could be. Someone should remind the MCMC that the MSC Bill of Guarantees aptly prevents internet censorship and no government agency has either the mandate or the right to censor the internet–least of all the MCMC.

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