Unifi sucks: Here’s why


Last year I moved into my new place, and had to apply for Yes! broadband because my place wasn’t Unifi ready yet. I blogged about how much I enjoyed the Yes! experience and even recommended it to most friends and family. That little love affair however took a turn for the worst when I discovered Yes! would experience a service interruption nearly once a month and the overall design of the Yes! service was lacking. So in the end I parted ways with Yes! and subscribed to Unifi instead.

My initial experience with Unifi was breath-taking, it was smoother and faster than Yes!, plus I didn’t have to connect a dongle to my laptop anymore (which is always a plus). I was happy with Unifi and even though I was paying a whooping Rm150 a month, I was happy to do so. I use the Internet for my work and I work from home a lot, so I need a reliable connection up and running in my house so that I can work. It’s quite a simple equation, no Internet = no work.

Then my love affair with Unifi took a significant turn for the worse, on the 30-Jan while my neighbors were blasting fire crackers on the eight day of the Chinese new year…my Internet connection died. All I could see was a red light on my Unifi modem, and that my friends was the beginning of a Chinese New Year Nightmare!

I placed a call almost immediately to Unifi. The person on the call center, walked me through a couple of steps that invariably didn’t work, and eventually said he would have to raise this to the technical team and I would be contacted within 24 hours. I can accept a downtime, so I said OK. Barely 4 hours later, I get an sms from Unifi saying that my fault was due to a wider network issue and that Unifi were working on it. I have to say, I was impressed at this point–I can tolerate a 1 day down time, and the Unifi communications were pretty good.

That changed, over the next 24 hours, I wasn’t contacted after that, so I called Unifi again. Again they told me they’ll contact me within 24 hours and they gave me a new ticket number–presumably they had closed the old one.

Then, about 40 hours after I first reported the incident I get a call from Unifi saying my connection was already up and they asked me to test the connection. I said I wasn’t at home. The person on the line said everything was already OK and they’re technical team had already rectified the issue and asked for my permission to close the ticket. On good faith, I told her she could close the ticket–BIG MISTAKE.

I had planned to attend a teleconference at 9pm that day, only to go home and find my connection STILL FAULTY. Now the red light on the modem wasn’t red, but I still couldn’t go online and I couldn’t attend my teleconference. I couldn’t work because Unifi lied to me.

So I made my 3rd call to TM in as many days, and AGAIN they issued me a new ticket number and AGAIN they told me that I’ll be contacted within 24 hours. I asked them to re-open the older ticket because my problem wasn’t resolved, and the call center agent said he couldn’t do it. I spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with him, going through steps like flush DNS and rebooting the router. If anyone from UniFi is reading this, I would just like to say–FLUSH DNS DOESN’T FIX A FAULTY CONNECTION!!

In my fit of anger, I told the agent (still rather calmly though) to call the technician and get him to fix the issue. He said he couldn’t do it as they’d all gone back home. I asked him what time do they come in and he said 9am.

So the next day, at 9am I called TM for the 4th time in 4 days, to report the fault, AGAIN they told me they’d contact me back in 24 hours, and again about 4 hours later I get an sms saying my fault is part of a wider network issue and the technical team is working on it. (sigh!)

Today marks the 5th day I’m without and internet connection at home and TM have yet to do anything.

This is without a doubt–unacceptable.

I wonder if P1 is any better.

On a separate note, I wrote a mail to tmceo@tm.com.my, which according to some sources is the ceo’s email. Not sure how much help he’s going to be, I’m not holding my breath.



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  • Yikes… I am still eagerly waiting for Unifi to be available at my place. They have it at Jalan xxxx up-to-20, and then Jalan xxxx 22-onwards, and my street is Jalan xxxx 21. Damn…  I’ve heard some downtime horror stories on Facebook too. I’d like to hear more about your experience with Unifi. 

  • Hey Hiew,

    I was eagerly awaiting my Unifi too. Still eagerly awaiting for my service to resume, it’s been exactly 7 days now since I first reported the fault.

    Unifi service resolution is really really bad.

    • Hi have your problem been fixed now? My modem just happened the same thing just now, i called ad they give me a report number. Pls update me. Darren at 018XXXXXXXX

      • Thanks for the comment Darren. Yes my problem was fixed after 9 days, but TM have yet to reimburse me. I would advise against putting your mobile number online, I’ll remove that for you if you don’t mind. 

  • you r damn right about tm unifi…it sucks!!!today is my 6th day using unifi, but the speed is nothing better than streamyx!!! In fact, lower i guess…

    • Have you tried a speedtest to make sure? I have to say the Unifi speeds in my area are way better than the streamyx speeds. There are laws in place to ensure the speed of the connection is as promised by TM. Once you have done the speedtest and you’re sure, you can lodge a complaint to SKMM.

  • yeah unifi sucks.. i don’t even subscribe to unifi but i know it sucks.. and everything else sucks too.. i don’t know why, but i just hate people..

  • Yar… at 1st.. UniFi Suck lor for couple month… I believe that modem u use same like mine before… I have alot of issue with Unifi before where cant connect to internet. Now they give new mordem   and it works.. And the internet speed better. It’s about 6 month i did’t face the problem anymore.. 

    • Hey Kei,

      Which modem version do you use?

      Sometimes hardware issues occur and they may be hard to diagnose…that being said as a customer in your situation I’d definitely be very frustrated.


  • i Got the red light as well!But after trying plugging out the power cable and fibre optic cable reconnecting it and repeat . IT was success to get back my connection 😀

  • My 1st couple of months with Unifi was living hell, but after making numerous calls and paying Unifi HQ a couple of visits, they resolved my problems and I was satisfied with the service for about 1 year or so, until the problems came back a few weeks ago. The problem with TM Unifi is not just the internet connection, but rather the attitude of the technicians they hire, and also their(TM) level of commitment and responsibility towards us, the consumers. I have been having disconnection problems for the last couple of weeks and have already had 6 report numbers created. Just imagine, having to call them(Unifi 1300881221 – not toll free but chargable calls) every 3-4 days for the last couple of weeks, only to hear lies after lies of them having already resolved the problem.

    Just on Saturday(22-9-12) I made another report and as usual, another report number was created for me. Later that day I received a call from one of their technicians, checking with me if my internet connection was ok. I told him that the connection was still not stable, and he agreed to come to my place today(Monday 24-9-12). I made myself available and waited the whole morning, expecting at the very least a call from the technician, but no call and no one showed up. I got tired of waiting and decided to give Unifi another call, only to find out that the report has already been closed without anyone from their side even bothering to inform me. At this point I almost used the “f” word while I was talking to the Unifi phone operator, but had to try and calm myself down, as I knew that it wasn’t the fault of the phone operator. Our Unifi problems is in fact not a Unifi problem but rather a problem with the company, the entire organization of this government link company(GLC), called Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

    My advice: Stay away from anything that has got to do with TM, until they start acting more responsibly and showing more commitment towards paying consumers. Sadly I am still bound by a 24 mths contract with about 7 mths to go, and I will not hesitate to terminate my contract the very moment my contract with them expires. And although I have been using TM’s services since they started offering free modems for the 1st 5000 subscribers of Streamyx, which is about 12 years ago, this time round will be the very last that I’ll have anything to do with Telekom Malaysia berhad.

  • Hi, Currently im having a same issue, and while comment on your post, Im online using my digi broadband.. After making 7 report for this issue.. I wonder how many report need to be made.. T-T

  • I have the same experience recently. I have a feel that they keep issuing new report number to you to avoid you ask for rebate. The reason is they only give rebate for faulty more than 24 hours. By keep issuing you new ticket and close the new one, you will never able to have a 24-hours report.

    My experience even worst. The techincian came and notice that the moderm has problem and they changed it but he din’t put note in the report. the Technician recorded that was ‘Customer Problem’ instead of their equipment issue. Obviously the moderm was changed by TM UNIFI denied it. So I can’t asked for rebate.

    In conclusion, TM UNIFI will never admit their mistake. The billing department will tell you to wait until the report closed and “depend on how the report is noted”, which means just depend on whether they are ‘happy’ to give you rebate on their faulty or not.

    Don’t waste your money to call 1300881221 to ask for rebate, this is a stupid HELP Line number that will cost you money in queuing for the customer representative to respond. Anyway, they wont give you anything at the end. This is the first chargeable helpline number from tele-company that I ever heard. TM memang ‘Boleh’.

  • We literally got no choice when it comes to Internet in Malaysia. Either you choose from bad, worse or the worst we still pay a premium price for our internet connection compare to other countries.

  • Mine already on 7th day Unifi down today…they keep saying ‘work on progress’ and ‘somebody will call you’…dang, its 7th day, and nobody is calling me..I need to keep calling them to report every single day…and the same answer I got everytime..’we’ll update the report’, ‘work on progress’ and ‘somebody will call you’…what choice we have in Malaysia? TPPA might be a good thing..

  • Unifi sucks la even my mobile data is better than this shit Unifi. I dont know if they’re producing cancer to people or just sit there and relax do nothing. Idk what the owner of TM is doing so useless. I’m playing csgo and my ping goes up to 1000+ update need 2hr+ but if i use my mobile data,only need 4 min.YES UNIFI SUCKS LIKE HELL.UNIFI PRODUCE WIFI CANCER

  • I’m reading this in 2018. Unifi is still garbage. Though I’m not using it for work, I need a strong connection for playing online pc games. Sometimes the Internet would die for two to three hours once every 3 days. I called TM several times whether or not everyone is facing the same problem as me but they say that its a usual thing for the Internet to go down at least once a few days. I pay rm150 every fucking month and I don’t feel it is worth the price. I registered for 4mbps but when I download things, the load only shows the net is running 900 kbps at max. I mean where are the other 3mb?
    Truly, I agrees with you Keith.
    Unifi sucks.
    TM too.

  • I am reading this at the end of the year and my download speed is like poop

    I paid like a whopping 300+ RM to tm/unifi
    And it gave me like the heck of 1700b/second like wtf
    This is an poop
    I am switching to TIME