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Did an email to the CEO really help restore my Unifi services?

Just this morning I wrote about how my Unifi services went down and how I wrote a letter to what ‘appears’ to be Telekom Malaysias CEO email address.

A lot of Malaysians are skeptical that CEOs would actually respond to emails. Steve Jobs has responded to many emails personally and so has his successor Tim Cook. There have even been reports of Palm’s CEO responding to customer query and even non-tech companies like home depot doing the same.

These however are American companies, not Malaysian, would a Malaysian CEO actually respond to an email from a small-time RM150/month customer like myself? I figured why not give it a try, I was already internet-less — what more is there left to lose? 

So late last evening I wrote an email to TMs CEO, hoping I could catch Dato’ Zamzamzairani and hopefully he could get me some results.

The email to [email protected] is as below:

Hello Dato,
You know, with companies that pride themselves on superior customer service, everyone (including the CEO) is within the reach of the customer, which explains why there are numerous cases of people writing to Steve Jobs and getting a response. I was hoping TM would be a bit like Apple, and that’s why I’m writing to you.
I purchased a subscription to UniFi on the 1st of December 2011, and was thrilled with the speed and stability of the line. I must say I was impressed with the overall feel of the service.
That however changed on the 30th of January 2012. Barely 2 months from first experiencing Unifi, I experienced a service fault where all my Unifi services went down.
This included internet connectivity which I use for my work.
I made a call to the TM helpline almost immediately and was given a ticket number 1-XXXXX and was told someone would contact me after 24 hours. I got an sms from Unifi claiming there had been a network fault and I would be contacted once it was fixed. However, 24 hours after my first report, I received no news from Unifi and then I called again, this time I was given a new ticket number 1-XXXXX, and told to wait 24 hrs again.
Then on the 1st of February, somewhere around 4pm a Unifi Agent called me to say that my services were operational again. I told her I couldn’t verify this, but since I TRUSTED UNIFI, I told her , she could close the ticket. Which she did.
Unfortunately, upon reaching home later at night, I found my internet connection still faulty. I made a 3rd call to TM, and again they raised a new ticket 1-XXXXXXX, and told I would be contacted in 24hrs. No one could tell me when the problem could be fixed.
I’m quite sure from your end you’ll see 3 tickets closed in 24 hrs, and it’ll look very nice. That isn’t the truth. It’s 1 fault that hasn’t been fixed for 3 DAYS.
I would appreciate if you could help me rectify the issue as soon as possible. I work from home a lot and a service down time affects me very very badly.
I can contacted at this email and would appreciate your help.

I wasn’t really expecting a response, and today barely 24 hours later I got one. While I was having lunch someone from TM called to say my connection was working again–although I learnt not to trust these calls till I checked out the issue myself. So in about 30 minutes, I’ll be heading home to check my connection and hopefully I’ll have a working internet connection.

That being said, here’s the reply I got from the original email, shortly after I got the phone call:

Hi Keith,

Thank you for highlighting the matter to our attention. We would like to apologize on the experience that you’ve endured and we would like to make amends by solving the problem soonest possible. I assure you that our organization is indeed gearing up to give not only a better product but better service to our customers.


You would be receiving a status update from us again by today.


Thank you,

CEO Feedback.

So obviously this isn’t Dato’ Zamzamzairani. I wonder if anyone in Malaysia ever got the customer service they deserve by writing to the CEO. In my opinion sometimes CEOs are so disconnected from the ground that they would appreciate these emails directly from customer (provided they don’t occur too often). I’m not sure that this is the level of service I want, but it’s better than what I expected.


Unfortunately, TM has failed in every aspect of their customer service. Not only was my internet connection STILL not working (after 5 days mind you), I was on the phone with the Unifi call center for more than 45 minutes as they tried all their ultimately useless resolution steps. After nearly 30 minutes exasperation I was told the following, that indeed the issue has yet to be resolved although I was called and told it was.

At this point I asked to speak to the supervisor.

The supervisor then answered the phone –after about 10 minutes of holding. After a long conversation with her, I asked for a commitment that the technical team would contact me back, at which she gave the standard response “I will try my level best”, no promises , no concrete timeline on when I can expect a fully working solution.

Then I asked for something I thought was very reasonable. I asked that the supervisor, contact the technical team and then call me back.

She said she was unable to call me back, as only the ‘follow-up’ team could contact me back. So I was on the phone with someone who would not give me a promise and COULD not call me back. That’s what I call a black hole, this person could have just hung the phone and gone back home and no one would know anything. How is it that a frontline customer service agent is TOLD NOT to call a customer back, and not to make promises. How is it that a multi-billion monopoly has such ridiculously lousy customer service.


  1. Emkay

    Yeah, unifi really SUCKS BIG TIME!!! Since instalation, the download speed never reach 5mbps. Lately the download speed is below 3Mbps but upload speed is over 10Mbps!!! WTH!!!. If tm wont rectify the speed issues, I will definitely will report them to SKMM.

    • Anonymous

      Hey Emkay,

      unfortunately, Unifi has been pretty disappointing in their service delivery. Although 3Mbps isn’t as bad as some of the stories I hear, you still have a right to be upset with the quality, try a complaint to SKMM but they didn’t really help me in my report.

      On a separate note, if you send over the screenshot of a 3Mbps download and 10Mbps upload, I’ll be glad to post it up.


    • shunmuganar Muthalagu

      Sorry, just forget reporting to SKMM they another bunch fool’s who will not follow up. Now a days all our govt dept and Ministries just set on auto reply and the computer will reply. I am facing same on my billing problems and last 5 days I am fighting with UNIFI to send technicians to solve internet problem.

  2. Pooichin

    Just last week I decided to unsubscribe the Streamyx at my father’s place seeing that he hardly uses it. Decided that maybe i should get him a Yes dongle instead.

    Coz obviously my old man who just learnt how to use the computer less than a year ago is not doing any heavy upload or download activities on the Internet. Nor does he know how to play Internet games. So it’s just mainly light Internet surfing.

    Now, I’ve heard that you need to be physically present at the tmpoint centre in order to terminate a service. But I refuse to believe that. I mean, this is an Internet service provider company. Whose parent company is a telecommunications service provider. Of all companies, I would expect this type of company to embrace the benefits of the virtual world where things can be done and verified online. I sent emails in the past but I did not hear back from them. So I decided to give them a call. A lady asked me tens of question, before passing me on to the technical team who asked me the same set of question, before telling me that I got to be present physically at the centre. People were right….speechless…

    So last Friday, I sacrificed my lunch and went to the tmpoint in cyberjaya. Saw a ugly handwritten ‘system down’ sign on the door..speechless moment number 2. Was told to fill up some form. I didn’t have my account number with me. They to check from the systemAnd I also mention Streamyx like 3 thousand times.

    Then today I found out, that my unify connection was terminated instead (I hadn’t the chance to check with my father if his Streamyx is still active or not). They had …. terminated…the…wrong….service…. Speechless ….

    • Hearing that TM canceled the wrong service is truly heart-breaking. It’s terribly disappointing that you sacrificed your lunch only for TM to say “System down” …to me that is unforgivable. 

      It’s sad to see a company with such bad customer service continue to reign on the back of a Government granted monopoly. Let’s hope it’ll only be a matter of time before TM make good on their promise and allow other 3rd parties access to their backbone.

  3. Jack Tan

    Talking about Streamyx… I felt that I’ve been cheated. I recently upgraded my existing package from 512Kb to 1Mb

    but I did not get a free modem as advertised. When I went to TMPoint to
    collect my cordless phone I was told that I have to get from TM’s
    sub-con instead but when asked the technician who came to my house, he
    said I have to get from TMPoint. What a lousy service from a big company
    like Telekom. I had made several complaints but until not I still not
    getting my modem. So for a new subscriber for upgrade, don’t be fool by
    TMNET and become a victim like me.

    • I know the feeling Jack. It really is a sense of betrayal, but TM are improving I suspect, but it still hasn’t reached the mark in terms of service delivery.

      Hope you finally get your modem and cordless phone 🙂

  4. Sue

    Yup exactly what I’m facing at this current moment. Call center technicians AND billing department are a bunch of robot who:
    1) Gives the same lame “Let me check” line when they pick up your call and same stupid excuses (system down sounds familiar?)1) Will not pass your call beyond them to someone with more “power” to “call back” (military barrier?)2) Will not give you ANY email or number to complain and/or feedback (need I waste my precious time and money waiting for the 1300 to be picked up?)3) Will not commit to a time when your connection will be restored4) Will not pass the message and ask the technician in charge of reconnection to return a simple call of acknowledgementIt is VERY frustrating talking to these people, I seriously think that they’re there just to stall you, bring you on a wild goose chase and in the end, still nothing is being done. 

    May I ask if your connection was ever reconnected after your post?

    • Thanks for the comments Sue.

       Yes the connection was restored, and to be fair to TM, the UniFi connection from TM is far better than anything I had with Yes! or my wife’s 3G maxis connection. It’s super fast and (as of right now) super stable. 

      In fact, besides the 9 days downtime, my Unifi connection has been flawless for the last 5 months.

  5. Felicitynayong

    My installation got cancelled on the day of installation itself. Their staff failed to inform me and if i didnt call 2 hours before the supposed installation time, i would have waited in vain. Their customer service personnel, Ahmad bin Arif (not sure if its even his rreal name) assured me that they will come next week. I will call them everyday til then to make sure that they do. Will updats here next week.

    • Thanks for the sharing Felicity, if I’m not mistaken some areas in KL have their installations ‘outsourced’ to 3rd party contractors which makes the quality a bit inconsistent. 

      Let us know how you thought TM customer service treated you and whether you eventually got your installation successfully completed.

  6. Tm?? wat can we expect from them.. I live in terengganu n sometimes i feel they treated us here like a second class citizen plus with no brain watsoever.
    About 2 weeks ago modem in my house was not functioning. When I sent it to tm branch they said the modem cannot be used anymore and they cannot replace it as it’s no longer under the warranty so they cannot do anything. Yesterday i went to one of the tm branch and asked the staff there what should i do.. The staff told me i can buy a new modem at tm points.. So i went there and unfortunately, there’s no available stock. But the staff there said, i can buy modem at computer shops. To make it short, i bought a modem at a computer shop and when there was a configuration problem i tried consulting tm but to my horror, they said its my own problem because i bought it myself..So today, I spent my whole day contacting the customer service and finally, after Asar, Pok Harun the tm staff arrived. To my surprised, my old modem is still okay, only the problem with the modem plug which will cost me around Rm 15. I bought a new modem which cost me Rm150 for nothing.. So please la inept tm staff weyy, if you dont have the expertise just admit it and don’t make other peoples’ life miserable..

    • Anonymous

      That’s a real sad story. Are you using streamyx or Unifi? I remember configuring Streamyx required some additional info that wasn’t readily available. I hear this a lot from readers fed up with TM customer service and they could do much better in terms of technical know how , I get very agigatated when anyone tells me a flush dns will solve my internet problems…VERY Agigatated

      • Aredhel

        I had a couple of bumps on the road with both Streamyx and Unifi and like you, their solution was to reset, flush, rinse and repeat. Apart from bad customer service I’m inclined to believe they are not willing to invest chunks of moolahs on REAL and PROPER technology, which explains why we get a half-arsed internet service. They have yet to convince me they have a dash of technical knowledge.

  7. Zaki

    I purchased 2 movies from TM’s IPTV on sept 17. Both movies played for about 2minutes and then all i could see was garbled picture , something like what astro would be when it rains or when you buy a cheap pirated CD. Called the tm number and after the usual long wait, as what keith experienced, she could not promise me any concrete action that they will take, and they will not call me back. I was told that the charges for the 2 movies which i could not see, will still appear on my bill, and when i receive the bill, i should call again to report and ask for a reversal. If TM is serious about service, their ceo should lead the way and take his job seriously.

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  9. Mona

    My email to TM below and no actions yet

    I made a call to your customer service department yesterday at around 5.15pm, Ms Sathia picked up my call. My unifi line was barred without any reason and I was unable to use my services- for clarification I called your centre and Ms Sathia informed me that it was due to overdue amount, but I have explained to her that according to your letter to us, I am suppose to receive a credit adjustment in bill which will only reflect in my october – therefore I was not required to do payment till then. But since I did receive the Sept bill with a wrong credit adjustment, I was unable to make payment as well. Couple of days ago – I received a letter that mentioned the credit adjustment amount – on my own I did a payment of RM300+ on 17th October, but TM disconnected my service on 18th Oct without any valid reason. So Ms Sathia apologized and said she will fix the problem ASAP for me.

    I had to send a business email which cost me RM85k urgently and waited till 6.30pm and the problem not resolved, And I call again – MS Nadia picked up the call, I told her the entire scenario again and she was damn rude by saying ” Reconnection is not MAGIC,” and when i said I want to speak to the team Leader she said ” NO ONE WANTS TO SPEAK TO ME BECAUSE OF MY STUPID REQUEST” and she put me on hold FOR 15MINS Without any communication and she hang up the phone. NO EXPLANATION OR DETAILS OR APOLOGY GIVEN.

    Any suggestions ?

  10. AntiLag

    Malaysia’s internet service is 10 years behind other developed countries….and 10 times more expensive =.=”….even the customer service here is &(*&(*@#$#%$#

  11. Posting this on behalf of a friend.

    Dear Malaysian Telcos – namely TM Malaysia and Maxis,

    They say never to write a letter when you are happy or angry. I was never happy to start with and I am well past angry, I don’t think it matters anymore. So, here goes.

    We moved here in August 2010. We used you first, Maxis. We subscribed to your Prepaid Broadband. Although, the connection was up and down, it was reliable and when issues did pop up, customer service was able to resolve it in a flash. At this point, all your customer service associates spoke English and we didn’t have to repeat ourselves like telling a child to eat her green peas. One especially pleasant staff, Mesh, was a gem.

    Then on 8th August 2012, you changed. And it was a dramatic change. Overnight, your Prepaid Broadband services stopped working on my laptop and my phone. I had to speak to at least 15 different people on Twitter and phone before the issue was semi resolved at 2300 hours. It worked on my laptop but not on my phone. What really stung about this incident was this, we had relatives arriving from the UK. Last minute flight changes and communications were a nightmare because we were all on the move. With no Internet on our devices we had to make multiple stops to check in on what was happening.

    Your customer service was horrendous. The only two people who were able to resolve anything was the tech support staff who called me in my hotel room and your customer service associate, Firdaus on Twitter. Your other staff barely spoke English and at least 3 hung up on me when they realised I couldn’t speak Bahasa that well. But benefit of the doubt, it was a bad connection and not bad customer service. Moving on.

    So, it’s just 24 hours of no Internet. What’s the big deal? The big deal, my dear Maxis was this – whatever changes you implemented on this day changed you so much you were never the same again. On my phone, I could no longer use Prepaid Broadband so I had to use Mobile Internet. From August 2012 to December 2012, my credit has been swallowed so many times, I can no longer count. These were not small sums either and ranged between MYR20 to MYR60. Enough to buy my family and I several dinners. Of course, every time this happened, I would kick up a fuss on Twitter and on most occasions Firdaus would swoop in and resolve the issue. I specifically say Firdaus because again, your other staff on Twitter don’t speak and understand English very well either.

    They blame the customer as much as they can, and then when they run out fingers to point they give me a case number with no turnaround time and keep me waiting till the cows come home. After all it’s just money that doesn’t belong to them. What’s the rush? What do you do Maxis when a customer doesn’t pay a bill? How long do you wait before terminating the line? And how long do you wait before you threaten legal proceedings?

    But I kept using you Maxis. Even when my Mobile Internet usage started counting backwards. Yes, I have the screenshots to prove this. One minute I had 3GB worth of Mobile Internet, then I had none, then I had a bit, then I had none again. It was chaotic. But I figured since you upgrade your services EVERY WEEK on Sundays and Mondays, improvement will come soon. It didn’t. In mid-december, on one morning as I finished work, ALL my credit was swallowed to the point I couldn’t call out or use Safari to log on to my bank to top up my phone. But of course it’s my fault for connecting phone and bank account. Which silly person in this age and time does this.

    That was the last straw. That was when I switched over completely. I went out that very day and I came to you TM. After all, your tagline says, “Trust Us. We know broadband best.” We were excited. Two foreigners on the look out for reliable Internet connection. Finally, we were going to have a stable Internet connection that would let us talk with family back home. Plus, while my husband works in an international hotel chain, I work from home for a publishing house in the UK. Internet connection is much needed for my work.

    Alas, we were wrong. You seemed so promising at first. You arrived with TWO ‘technicians’. We paid MYR50 for installation and were told that because we are foreigners, we will have to pay MYR1075 in the first bill. Formalities, nothing more. Of course we would comply. This was on 24th December 2012. Now, less than 18 days later, our modem / connection no longer works. After calling your technical support / customer service, we were told that if it was an external issue there would be no additional fees incurred. If it was an internal issue, we may have to pay more.

    My question is this, TM. TWO people came to install your service. Was nothing checked then? Now, you still had the best surprise of all. When I kept repeatedly asking WHY I may have to have to pay more when we are already ‘bound’ to TM with MYR1125, I was told that there is a 14-day warranty period for installations.

    So this is what really bothers me, TM. You send two people into my home to set things up for a service that will essentially cost me more than MYR1000 but in less than a month, something conveniently goes wrong and you tell me I may have to pay more?

    Both of you (TM and Maxis) spend so much on advertising. Everywhere we go – we see billboards, magazines advertisements, TV advertisements … it really wouldn’t hurt to take all of this money and invest it in improving your products instead of making promises you cannot keep. Give people like Firdaus a bonus, or a raise. For all the backlash people like him get from irate customers, your customer service staff deserve more than what you pay them. Perhaps, you can even invest in English lessons for them?

    Which raises another disturbing point. Any small business owner or individual can be taken to court for failing to meet contractual agreements or for pinching someone else’s money (doesn’t matter whether they put it back or not) …. why are you (Maxis and TM) above this? Or are the laws of this country so relaxed to allow big companies to get away with taking their customers’ money?

    I’ve read the forums and on Twitter alone there are enough irate customers who complain about disappearing credit. Isn’t this theft? Why is it allowed to keep happening with no legal action or resolution? Then, there’s you TM, less than a month and your service fizzles out. Seems to me like you don’t know broadband at all. Plus, just in case you haven’t realised it, your website has been down for more than 5 hours as I write this. Broadband champion with website trouble, my word.

    Both of you cause a lot of disruption to individuals and businesses with your promises for the best service. Who bears the loss of this income? Loss of income or not, your bills still have to be paid am I correct?

    Amidst all the Internet drama that has occurred today, I had to write this. I had to vent and I had to share. So, bravo Digi. You’re the only that got me connected. I’m still learning how to use you because your data usage is confusing and I don’t get a heads up about when my Internet credit is finishing but hey, you get me connected and you don’t take my money without my permission. You rock.

    From an extremely ‘disconnected’ foreigner.

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  13. maxis agent

    Those maroons and stupid who complaining customer service should work before as customer service first you bastard!!! if you in thier postion than only u know thier pain… they can give you promise u asshole but who want to fullfill it???? if u want complaint complaint to higher management . dont try your bullshit by spoke with supervsior can resolve your problem. they cannot do anything there coz they have barriers asshole. pls go work as customer service before talk regarding them

    • Secret

      Oh hey someone who worked for Customer Service and tried to defend them. HOW VERY SURPRISING. It’s because of people like you Customer Service and Consumer Rights Protection in Malaysia are a joke !

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  15. marcusosborne

    This is an interesting read and from a brand perspective, your experiences with customer service are not uncommon. I’m currently writing to the unifi CEO to ask why I have to pay for the HSBB infrastructure. According to unifi, my house is too far away to qualify for free installation and they want me to pay an extra RM920 for them to finish the infrastructure! Unbelievable.

  16. Anthony Clement

    UNIFI Sucks big time!! I regret a move i made on 4 Nov 2013. Got a phone call from a Customer Serice rep on that dreadful day saying TM is offering a new package RM 199 to upgrade from my current VIP 5 to VIP 10 and to Platinum HYPP TV package. Fine its was all good coz i pay an extra RM 30 only for the upgrade. And its a confirmation via phone deal (First time for me). And i was suppose to wait for an email few days later confirming it. I got it on the 8 Nov 2013….then rest is history…all the qualms i read here happened to me.

    Today is the 20 Nov 2013, till today no upgrades and worst still, my internet is being disrupted EVERY 30 minutes since then. I have made numerous calls and have got 3 reports numbers with me now. Tried emails, calls after calls….NOTHING!!

    My advise is, if anyone calls you from TM CS asking you to upgrade, Please don’t do it…

  17. Ms Choo

    I facing the same problem on 23/12/2013 my unifi line was no service I call customer service and give me a report no, tm sms me will fix within 24 hours ( I thinking service not bad) next day (tue 24/12/2013) technician call me will come at 5.30pm I wait at home till 6.30pm technician call “oh today cant make it. But I come tomorrow morning (25/12/2013)10.30am I say tomorrows Christmas holiday are u sure u working and technician ppromise YES!! 25/12/2013 WAITING 10.40am i call technician but cant get no choice have to call centre your technician come or not and centre answer dont know I wasted my holiday just wsit the SUCK person, Thursday (26/12/2013 call centre at 10.30am and she told me technician go to your house this morning but no body at home (I whole morning at home no going out) I say why u not calling me before you coming? She just say your mobile cant get (WTF). Today (27/12/2013) I call centre at 8.30am and I giving centre appointment time at 5pm (I dont want just wasted my time to wait ) at 5pm technician not yeah coming call centre again (technician mobile I call but cant get), and centre told me now maybe technician jam may late I ask her to contact the technician to confirm and she told me cant, because she just to reveived phone and record(meaning I talk with a people who cant help me an useless people lousy customer service). TM Very Bad Suck Service

  18. Esther Phuak

    Tm service terrible , report to 100 no feed back , waiting for a week still not yet settle the streamyx issue , going to cancel all the tm line and streamyx . Report to tm no use .

  19. Aileen

    The worst Customer Service ever. I’ve been charged by RM 10 for reconnection fee. I always pay RM 199, but they forgot to give the campaign price for me, so they said I should pay more. I just want to pay 199 every month based on the agreement. But, then, suddenly, I got disconnection service for the outstanding amount, which is I am not supposed to pay. Then now, they are asking another RM 10, what an extra hidden cost??!! Great marketing from them to gain more money, applause for their creativity!

  20. priya

    my house phone always make sound. because of that my wifi also got problem. cannot connect at all.. how many times i already call and make complaint. but non of u came n solve the problem… i dont know what say la… please la.. i also got lot of work to do.. i cant keep on call to u all everyday… my hse fon cant use at all!!! realy make me angry….!!! please overcome my proble immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. sabilah

    Hi iam md sabilah.i just fix the unifi system on 22Dec 14.just enjoy the service for one day.after that the system doen till today the problem not solve yet the few time the technicent come with long ladder on the van with doing nothing.and never explain anyting to me.PLEASE WAKEUP TM.Poor service and knowladge.

  22. better man

    I am the next person to have shitty service from TM. This is another hopeless company that is being back by Government otherwise the staffs eat shit. Calls made to them will have brainless staffs who will get you to hold on while they check which take easily more than 40 minutes with no solution in sight. After that they promised to call back which eventually never till the next century. From experience I have encountered in the past, never to have any subscription from government link companies unless necessary.

  23. Satheesan Raghavan

    Dear Dato’ Seri Zamzamzairani bin mohd Isa,

    You obviously do not know what is going on at Unify. EVERY month my Internet connection is barred after many attempts at explicating to them that I have never defaulted on my monthly payment. Unify is tarnishing TM’s name …. it’s going down the drain and is dragging you name with It.

    It looks like incompetent people are running what I call a Show.




    My name : Satheesan Raghavan

    My account number: 1022480063

    My service number : 60356121413

    I am a retired graduate teacher ( government ) …. ten years older than you. Please get ALL my details from Unify including my phone number and email address.

    As the CEO I would like to see how effective and capable you are.


    S Raghavan.

  24. Faznawi

    My name is faznawi Halim. And TM and all their staff is eating shit! Plain warm and brown shit! That is why their work and words is shit. Shit shit shit.

  25. Anonymous

    Really suck calling tm / unifi center. It take hours to answer. WTF, damn wasting my time. When come to payment must be fast or else will be terminate our service. Can never change ! Pls wake up Malaysian company , 2015 now..
    Damn irritating to make a complaints. How now? My unifi can’t work since yesterday night

  26. Anonymous

    ..Hi Hi.. just accidently open this wall and supprize me, I am not the only one in Malaysia who expereianced the bad servisce of TM. Fyi ..since a year go when I got the Streamyx and phone service… up to date till now I expereinced more than 5 time of of phone line issue .
    Now at this point of time 23 May 2015 3.30pm,,,, still waiting TM service team respon to restore my phone line which appointment was made last Friday to meet at my house at 2pm today.
    KL service centre was contacted me twise this morning asking either anyone from Seremban contact me ..but the answer is NO.

    I about to take more serious action…

    Friends out there – pls give any input – how do we claim our right. Tq

  27. ooi yee peing (tmpoint account: A 600190445310)


  28. Kien


  29. yen

    Hi Keith, thanks for the courage. I face same problem with TM too. need a few long chats to talk to them, and seems things cannot get done. my case is to get rebate for faulty service after line termination. I wrote a very long email to a group of people which i dunno who yesterday. someone name Hazimi bin Kassim responded to my email and the next day i get a call from TM saying that they will investigate on this. But what i hope is the whole customer service system would be imroved.
    Anyhow, things still not resolved.


  30. Telekom is a giant monopolised axxhole. They didn’t care much about their customer since they know they are the only fast speed ISP in the region. You don’t want to use, you get lost. I don’t care a damn. This is their CEO attitude. But think back, who make them become so arrogant? Is us the customer with majority who like to keep silence for any issue. We should stand up and fight for our right instead. Let’s gather together to eliminate the monopoly and let the serious players come in to split the market. Only with more competitors get into the market then customers can enjoy a fair service.

  31. Dear Dato,

    I am new IPTV fibre connection subscriber as I came to know all maxis/Astro Fibre are supplied by TM net known to be one of the fastest connectivity so far. I made an appointment weeks before Raya and was told the installation can only made on 25th, July.
    Here’s where my nightmare starts,

    25th July 12pm – a Chinese technician came over while the house owner was told it needs at least 4 holes to be punched on wall, the wires needs to cross over 1 bedroom to dining room which my house owner resists to carry on installation. Based on the technician feedback there s no port in front of my house which is why the installation need to carry on all the way from back door to dining hall(18*65sqf house)I managed to convince the house owner in the end to install without any consideration how far it may impact my house, the technician somehow was caught in the raining when he promised to come back after installation opposite my neighbor. The technician said just called helpline and he will fix afterwards.
    I made call on 25th July, 31st July, and 1st Aug requesting installation since I was told there will be cancellation penalty of rm200. Without being told any reason not any followup call done, after I follow up with IPTV on TM technician updates, no answer and updates given!
    On 1st aug, I receive IPTV Helpdesk Informed the updates from TM stating they are having port issue, it takes 20 days to have new ports set up before installation can be made. I urge for a definite answer as it’s been long waiting and I have been using mobile to access internet for work and personal usage over 3 weeks and the billing is piling up!
    5 August, I request and updates if someone can call me back by 7aug so that I could make a decision if to carry on other ISP. I was told to wait without a definite answer if the port will be set up as in waiting timeline. No body called me, I called and same answer given. Still I have been asked to pay rm200 penalty if I decide not to carry on installation.
    10th aug, my 5th follow up answer from IPTV stating no answer from TM net and they can’t confirm if could cancel my installation request without penalty!
    Out of frustration of more than 3 weeks waiting and wasting my mobile coverage, I am here seeking for TM to look into this as I can’t hold this any longer if anyone can seriously look into this area – PUJ 6/15 Taman Puncak jalil and provide a definite fixing date & solution!


  32. Adding on – how would you think from consumer perspective it’s TM net port issue for not able to install the fibre on time and why would the penalty have to be bear on consumer side. Who is going to pay my past 4 weeks waiting time excessive mobile data usage?

  33. mollygan

    How can this still be the situation? How can it still be the case, in 2015, that really “well-understood” technologies (telephony, voice prompts, etc.) are still detracting from TM, rather than improving it, and am so bewildered by the unattended interruption line service though a week and calls been made to 100 to raise complaint.

  34. Logeswaran

    My Fon line have problem more than 2 month,until now not settle yet,
    We made complain more than 15 time.still some.But For Nothing they barred my line 3 times in a month.
    If i have any alternative than tm line using land number defiantly i will change.Coz they tm service is too bad now days

  35. Hoong WS

    Just got stood up by Unify contractor today and the didn’t even have the courtesy to notify that it had been cancelled until I called to complaint. This is really bad, they confirmed my order super fast on 30/10, promising the sky and heaven and even date of installation .. but have no courtesy to inform that they had to change the installation date despite having 9 days in their hands.

    Calling to call desk doesn’t help either, she could only offer sorry that no one contacted myself and almost immediately I received an sms for new appointment.. I simply don’t have the confidence that they will treat us, customers seriously.

    I have asked for compensation since it was TM who had made the last minute change of appointment, however, the call centre lady replied politely that this penalty only applies if customer made the last minute change…hahaha.

    Can’t help laughing on how big corporate makes unilateral terms and bully the consumers. At least, I have my complaint ticket number.. lets see where did it goes from here..

  36. mohd firdaus

    saya ingin buat pembayaran di kiosk tm point di pandan indah..tetapi no akaun yg diberikn kpd sy tidak mmg tiada masa pada waktu siang balik keje tm sudah lah no akaun yg betul kepada sy.telefon customer service pun buat sakit hati je.tidak menbantu langsung.

  37. Michelle

    Here is my story – adding on the the many of your who are frustrated and lost of hope

    -13 December, we called Unifi for info on a new subscription. I guess it was fair to say that we received the information we needed.
    -14 December, we called back to clarify on a few items – then was suprised that what ever information received on 13/12 was not accurate.
    – 15 December, I personally called to speak with a personnel there, no suprises, i got some very different information from the previous 2 calls. Mariam, the person on the phone told me that there is a promo going on – that if i applied through the internet, i will get 1 month’s free subscription. I was told that someone will get back to me within 3 days to get details from me and installation will be done within the next 3-7 working days.
    – 16 December, I applied online happily and eager awaited for TM to call. 17/12 – no call, 18/12 – no call, 21/12 – no call
    – 21 December : since I didnt receive any calls and have very little faith in our local operator’s way of doing things, i decided to give a call to follow up. Apparently they dont have our company name in the system as a new subsciber…Nevermind, so we confirmed it again. On the same day, a guy by the name of Firdaus called and wanted to confirm the address of our office to check if there is good line reception (which was already done during my call on the 15th). I felt this call was pointless just to check for line reception. He then said that someone will be in touch either today or tomorrow.
    – 22 December : waited and no calls from TM. Being worried as time is no friend of mine (we need the internet running asap as we have moved offices and we rely heavily on the net) i decided to call them instead. Apparently, they couldnt find our company subscription (which was not a good sign)
    – 22 – 24 December was 3 grueling days where i had to spend my time chasing these idiots as they couldnt give any solution, said they will call me back but ALWAYS never did, could not give me a timeline, never kept up to their promises and blah blah blah.
    – 28 – 30 December : i was suprised when this guy called Kamal called on 28/12 from TM which i was happy to receive his call – but then got furious when his purpose was just to inform me that someone will be in touch with me!!! How stupid can TM’s customer service process be that this cannot be simplified and enhanced to ensure customer satisfaction???
    These 3 days, i had to waste time calling, chasing, and speaking with imbeciles to get my case sorted out. Today, it has been 2 wednesdays since i last applied online. Where the hell is promise their SLAs?? Today i literally fired 2 guys over the phone, kamal and Shahrol to get someone to sort this case out by TODAY. Kamal did however promised me that he would……….however, its all BS!

    Moral of the story – if you need good service, reliable internet connectivity, bring your business somewhere else

  38. Shelley

    Thanks for your post Keith. I just sent off my email to the CEO. Their services are abominable! My case was not even about internet, but just about having the land line up consistently – even that they can’t do! In November, we only had the phone up for 1 week! December, 12 days! Crazy!

  39. Martin Woo

    Not only UNIFI. My Streamyx and phone has been out of service since September 2015. Nothing much has been done. Problem still persist. I called Customer Service more than they call me and their excuse is always the same… “We will attend to it imediately”, “Your case will be our priority”, “Very sorry for the inconvenience”. TM shouldn’t be call as Telekom Malaysia but should change to Tipu Malaysia.

  40. Tee

    I hv reported a case to TM 6 days ago, no internet connection for 6 days n it is for my business, can u imagine want is the consequences I m facing?

    2 days ago, a lady from 2nd level called me n told me their technical team will come at 10am, n guess what, no 1 turned up.
    I hv been calling to asked for the status, n they r like robot repeating the same thing to me:” we will help you to check miss, atm we cannot promise you our technical team can come over by today, we will get our technical team to call u….. Bla bla bla”

    After numerous calls I’ve made to call center at 100, Just about a min ago, finally a lady called me back, she claims that she is from 2nd level oso, what she did was, asked me did anyone from their technical team called me, I said NO, next she said:”ok we will arrange our technician to make appt with you……”
    Omg….. They promised me to come at 10am yesterday, we have been waited from yest 10am till now, n now they are telling me they cannot promise when technician can come AGAIN???!!!

    For 6 days! Just a simple arrangement n TM services can screw up???!!!

    I requested to talk to an upper level or at least someone that can make decisions, they just told me I cannot do that, what is can do is to call 100 can repeat the stupid things again n again!

    We paid the fees promptly, what about TM’s service??? There is no SLA? Can I not pay TM for the 6 days for the disruption?

  41. Just read the whole discussion. The main reason your internet is slow is because of the shitty Unifi router that they gave u. Before calling them to complain, do this..get yourself a better router, Asus preferrably but any brand that supports Unifi/Maxis should work. Update the firmware on the router then test it on Unifi for a week. You will be surprise that most of the problems will suddenly disappear.

  42. Anonymous

    I doing relocate my office unifi at Port Klang TM Point on 11-04-2016..but by the end the staff name Nur Shuhada Mohd Jailani doing wrong relocate for me..She take my Factory unifi to do relocate..because of this my factory need to stop a work..

  43. Nurnur

    Learn from me,u cant depend on their CSR to help you to solve the problem.what i am doing is i keep the unifi installer number..when my internet down i just call them.they are more faster rather than you get thru CSR.

  44. Steve

    My unifi broke down at the beginning of a long weekend. Looking forward to surf net and what tv but all spoilt. Call useless unifi line and instead they blame on my condo switch room locked. I call 3 different csr and got 3 different answers. This is a disgrace TM!!!!

  45. Martin

    First of all, i would like to thank you Keith to provide the CEO email address.
    The problem here in whole companies, when i would to get any information from the customer service, i feel i am talking to person not to company, THERE IS NO FIXED RULES HERE!! its depending on the sales counter, they have gave me discount last month, when i received the bill today morning the amount increased RM 100!! I asked my self i have signed contract with them just last month to reduce the amount not to increase!

    The same problem happened to me at CELEBRITY FITNESS MALAYSIA, they gave me one month free, then i tried to use the facilities second month they told i need to pay, the contact have been sign with person, he has resigned already, i asked the manager, i have signed contract with company or person????

    This is the problem if there is not fixed rules.

    I will write email to the CEO, if they couldn’t fix my problem.

    Thank you once again.

  46. jeyson

    Cutting cost gain more porfit, hire those lousy people as customer service. Standard answer for problems. System are bugged everywhere. Even subcribing to TM is a problem to chase after. From twitter to facebook and lastly decided get help from agent. Oh my lord, why this company still survive these day. Even p1 is better than you exclude internet quality and pricing.

    Just yesterday my internet went down, not a month of usage there is a problem already. I tweet them about my problem but the staff seems do not want to help and spend hours to reply a single tweet. DM me with a long text bla bla bla and a report number which is different number from what I receive on mobile phone later that afternoon. Automated system begin to spam my mailbox. Restoration on progress, on delay. WHAT? I need a technician not those bunch of sms to give u hope but not solving the problem.

    This is like curing a toxic with morphin. ridiculous.

  47. Selamat malam,salam 1malaysia bagi puan tuan,sy rizad daripada tangkak johor. Ingin memaklumkn tentang tidak kebekesanan pihak tuan puan mengendalikn kes sy bkenaan aduan kerosakkan wayar telefon yg mne sering kali ptus akibat dilnggar oleh krn trlalu rendah tiang nye.smingu yg leps sy telh mbuat report di tm muar utk dibaik pulih..dn mnta digntikn tiang yg lbih tngi sprti cntoh rumh sblh sy..yg amt mndukacitakn shingga hari ini tdk dibaik pulih dn wayar putus trbiar ditpi jln..harap pihak tuan puan bekenan dgn laporn sy smoga telekom malaysia lebih maju.

  48. Anonymous

    why the streamyx LINE like suck?
    always slow n loading allway??
    tm like suck?
    services are very low?
    boikot tm streamyx?
    i pay so inspensive?
    but i get fuck line?
    same like fuck tm?
    update the line?
    make batter line?
    i suggest u close the tm streamyx line beacause the line is FUCK…



  50. Anonymous

    several years back when tmnet is under a Chinese ceo, cant remember his name but micheal something.

    I fax to him on streamyx issue (having problem of running sped of 512k to 1 mb (after upgrading) with technical team for 2 months).

    It was solved the next day.

    if tmnet cant solve or delay solving your issue, you can now complain to MCMC

  51. Anonymous

    we already put out our money for better ineternet services,govt budget for SUBB RM600million ? where is the upgrade? where is the promise higher internet speed for lower cost?

    In terms of the financial aspects of the projects, the total cost of the HSBB 2 investment over the ten year period will reportedly be MYR1.8 billion (USD419 million), with the government contributing MYR500 million of that and TM responsible for the remainder. Total investment in the SUBB project, meanwhile, is expected to be MYR1.6 billion over ten years, with the state’s portion of that being MYR600 million and again TM covering the balance.

  52. I m reading this article because my unifi went down on 15/12/2017 ( i was issued a ticket 1-xxxx) and till today 19/12/2017 NOTHING has been done by so called unifi technical team… i subscribed unifi 2 months ago with so high hope on them…

    More surprisingly…. i m facing the same old stories back to year 2012 as Mr. Keith and so many other tm unifi user from year 2013 – 2016….

    Really SPEECHLESS…!

  53. Anonymous

    Just checking when telecoms will provide Unified wifi to tmn tunku area in Miri Sarawak as its a big housing estate complete with commercial/industries including college & schools . So really needs to up grade network please