Maxis agent attacking a Unifi customer?


Writing an email to TMs CEO about my faulty Unifi

Just yesterday, I received a rather odd comment on my post about a Unifi downtime. It read:

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Those maroons and stupid who complaining customer service should work before as customer service first you bastard!!! if you in thier postion than only u know thier pain… they can give you promise u asshole but who want to fullfill it???? if u want complaint complaint to higher management . dont try your bullshit by spoke with supervsior can resolve your problem. they cannot do anything there coz they have barriers asshole. pls go work as customer service before talk regarding them

The supposed ‘name’ of the commenter was ‘Maxis Agent’ and the email address given was [email protected]. I’m not entirely sure what to make of the comment, but this obviously wasn’t the work of a Maxis agent. 

More importantly it tried to make a rather silly point, that just because I haven’t worked in customer service I shouldn’t complain about customer service. You’re right–I haven’t worked in a customer service center, and for that matter, I’m quite certain I would find the job at a call center very challenging indeed.

But, I can’t cook either–that doesn’t mean I can’t complain at a restaurant. I can’t play badminton, that doesn’t mean I can’t get upset when Malaysia doesn’t win the Thomas Cup, and I don’t know how to renovate my house–that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about my house contractor.

When you complain to your chef that the soup is too salty–does he have the right to say, why don’t you work in the kitchen first before complaining!!

I can complain–because I paid for a service, and when that service isn’t up to my expectations–I have every right to voice out my dissatisfaction.

On a separate note, if you want to post a note anonymously, post it as anonymous, and I will defend your right to post whatever you want on my blog. I believe strongly in Freedom of speech. However, if you post something fraudulently, pretending to be a ‘Maxis Agent’ , when you obviously aren’t, don’t expect my sympathy.

That applies to you ‘Maxis Agent’ that posted on my blog at 7.18pm Malaysian time from IP Address Why would a ‘Maxis’ agent, post from a TM IP address?

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