Amazon releases new icons for AWS


Amazon Web Services has formed the IAAS backbone of many corporations IT infrastructure, through it’s various tools and offerings you can do almost everything under the sun on the cloud. You can spin EC2 instances till they merge together to become one giant super-computer, you can host webpages on their Simple Storage Solution (S3) platform which offers nearly limitless storage, you can even host that data on edge servers via CloudFront to reduce load times, and the list of offerings go on and on.

For some that’s more than they can chew, but for a budding young architect like myself it keeps me awake at night thinking of the cool stuff I could do with Amazon if only I had a bit more technical knowledge, a bit more time and possibly a bit more money…well maybe I need more than bit. Today Amazon released the latest release of icons for you to diagram out your amazon designs and really get into the nitty gritty of the infrastructure, theres an icon for EC2, S3, Cloudfront and just about every AWS offering under the sun.

The icons really help visualize what Amazon offers as part of AWS and help you envision it. It’ll be really cool taking some of the older projects landscape diagrams and then create new cloud diagrams to see how things have been simplified.

All of this can be found on Amazons Architecture Center, and there’s a great resource of not just the icons but also for a bunch of case studies. Case studies some really cool companies can be found online including 99designs, Ericsson, Schneider and even Yelp!, Check it out.



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