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3 Reasons to say NO to Yes Mobile

I recently purchased a yes mobile account, and was pretty happy the results. In my past review I mentioned that the speed was great followed by good stability. However, there have been some downsides to the service, and here’s some reasons why you should avoid yes mobile.

While Yes is great, there are overall flaws with the service, and below is my review of 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use YTL Yes 4G.

Before I move to the reasons, let me explain the kind of user I am. I work from home 3 times a week and use my laptop for just about all my working needs which include late night teleconferences, phone calls (via my companies VOIP) and even for webcast and presentations that I do on a regularly basis. Working from home has it’s advantages, for one I don’t travel too often and can usually get a lot of work done. However, if my internet connection is down, I’m completely cut-off from the office, with no office communicator and email, there’s very little I can do at home. Even worse, if the internet connection goes down before a teleconference (or even during a teleconference), things get pretty ugly pretty fast. I absolutely need a stable and reliable internet connection and chose Yes 4G because I thought it would provide me that, turns out I was wrong.

Reason #1: A prepaid service that doesn’t alert you when your balance is going to finish

Yes! operates on a prepaid model, where for RM68 you get 3.5GB of data transfer and some freebies thrown in the middle, the problem however is that it doesn’t alert you if the your balance is ridiculously low. You would think they would set some thresholds where an email is sent to alert you when you’re down to 1GB, 500MB, 100MB, 50MB..etc, but there aren’t.

What this translates to is your internet connection could get severed half-way through a call and Yes wouldn’t even warn you. In fact this is exactly what happened to me, and I consider this a fundamental design flaw. Any pre-paid system should warn you when your balance is nearly finished and provide consistent and constant updates.

Now Yes does offer a ‘automatic reload’ function, but this isn’t really the same thing. I want to have control of my spending and providing me those email updates is the best way to do it. Basically what Yes is saying is that the only way you’re going to have peace of mind, is giving me your credit card number.

Reason #2: A Telecommunications company has no phone number

Today I suffered another Yes 4g outage (2nd time in 4 months). Going online proved useless as Yes doesn’t have a phone number I can call to make a complaint or to get an update on. How in the world does a telecommunication company operate without a help-line. I know phone numbers are a bit outdated but I still think it’s absolutely necessary for a company to have one, especially one catering to end-users like myself and especially a telecommunications company. Take a look at the screenshot below, see any phone number?

The strange thing about my breakdown today was the fact that I could access the YES homepage but not my own, leading me to believe that my credit had run out, but further inspection proved that was not the case, however I eventually had to reload just to see if I could get back online (I was that desperate), but to no avail. In situations like this I wish I could call a number and talk to someone, it would have saved me the RM68 I spent on a top up that didn’t solve my problem.

And this is me, imagine if my mother was using Yes, how would she report an issue, through a bloody website?

Reason #3: It breaks down….

Yes had it’s second outage today, and I had to drive about 2 km to the nearest starbucks to continue working, this is 7pm on a working day. Now internet connections breaking down is one thing, and I expect that, but I’m paying a premium for Yes and I expect premium service. If I head over to a YTL hotel like the Pangkor Laut, I expect to be treated differently than when I fly AirAsia, the difference is the price point. If Yes insist on being the most expensive broadband plan in Malaysia it should start offering better service with higher reliability.

UMobile offers 5GB for the same price as Yes 3.5GB, and my home streamyx offers higher reliability at a much lower cost with unlimited downloads (at a slower speed of course). The point is, I pay a premium and I expect a Premium, 2 downtimes in about 4 months is unacceptable for a premium service.

So overall, while I was initially happy with the service, these FUNDAMENTAL flaws in the design of the service have made me re-think. In fact, I’m already registered for a UniFI which should be installed next month. So there it is, 3 reasons you should say NO to YES.

  • ramrem_62

    I agree with u Keith. U have all the reason to quit using Yes. I experience that to. I was wondering what happenend to this huddle because no warning how much balance left. I still on my stremyx since unifi still didnt cover my area.

    • Keith Rozario

      I personally love my unifi service. Although that was a bad downtime I experience, other than that the service has been silky smooth.

      • Bethuel Selvin Raj

        I will be getting my Preve soon with Yes 4G bundled. he said that the first year is free. I mean, how reliable is it in a Preve?

        • keithrozario

          I guess that fully depends on where you drive. my experience with yes coverage was good in klang valley. Can’t comment for elsewhere.

  • Eugene Lee

    Hate to say this lah but most Malaysian companies have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to customer service.

    • Keith Rozario

      Fully Agree Eugene. :)

  • Catherine

    Hey Im doing research about Yes Broadband and found your articles about it! Very helpful for me to take reference before buying it. But here’s something I think I can share at here, regarding to the contact numbers of YesCare. They updated their website. ;)

    You can e-mail to or call us at 018 333 0000.
    Note: The 03 8313 0000 number is no longer in use.

    YesCare operating hours:
    Mon-Fri: 8am-10pm
    Sat-Sun & Public holidays: 9am-5pm

    • Keith Rozario

      Thanks Catherine. It seemed strange to me that they had no call center, but it’s good to know they do now. It’s always good to get info from the readers :)

  • Patrick

    YTL hired all those stupid and idiot programmer from Iran, Turkey and stupid project manager from India due to low labour, because of this stupidity and want to save huge cost on labour and earn huge profits from us, they took this risk!

  • Patrick

    I bought Proton Preve car came with Yes 4G huddle since April 2012 and it offer FREE usage for one year, and now is February 2013, only left 2 months to get expired, BUT until now my yes ID not yet activated and I called their support, they said only need 2 days to complete, and now already 10 months over, none of their support dare to pick up my call, anyway, I already throw this huddle into Klang river and if they call to ask me to renew the service, I will tell them, sorry I don’t have credit card, will you accept my cheque dated April 2014?

  • leezbibz

    yeah its a bad service.. there is a fair usage policy and best effort basis in the tnc as well. it is not a premium service. its unifi but with higher price only. if finish quota then capped speed. then hell it gets so slow because with quota it is fast. so it is like unifi, if the network is down, then you wait. complaining also not going to help because its a cheap service. slow connection also cannot complain because theres this fair usage policy, u share the same bandwith with all the other ppl. same with yes. now if i want my own bandwith and not sharing it with the rest of the world i should take up premium service offered for companies. 1Mb already enough. pay 60k per month. no downtime got backup.

  • Yung

    I bought their Zoom router outright, paid RM399. Configured once and left it at 1 spot at home to use everyday for the next 2 years. 2 weeks ago, the device stopped working. I walked into their outlet at Lot 10, the technician tried to do a factory reset. After trying 4-5 times, his response is the device is not working anymore. My only option is to buy a new device. Yes, i know my warranty period has expired but they can’t even try send the device for further troubleshooting or quote me to repair. Routers usually last for a very long time unless there’s a power surge at home. Nobody messes with a router at home like a washing machine or oven. You just configured it and leave it there to work. I asked the technician for a confirmation report that the device is no longer usable and he said there’s no such thing. He offered to print out the device information, e.g. MAC address, serial no., warranty period. What the heck can i do with these information?

    • Guest

      Their stores are totally worthless. Half-trained monkeys would be better staffers.

  • Lau

    My zoom router stopped working after 2 years as well. I suspect that was a programmed bugs in the firmware?

  • Nic

    The latest of the dislike is balance of data usage even if you keep renewals on time will no longer be applicable. Yes, planning a replacement to disconnect them now…

    • keithrozario

      that’s a pity man. I guess Yes4g can be a pretty good backup device but definitely not a primary connectiob.

  • guys.

    fucker yes 4g as well. the slowest internet in my life. forever fuck YES 4G. I hope YES company read my comment.

  • WHO?

    Careful users of YES Broadband!!! YES cheats on Quota.

    • unniiiiiie

      i agree because i pay my bill today and tomorrow morning my qouta already used 100% even i online only for 5 hour.

  • Nomad

    I agree. Total rip-off service with horrible customer care. Go into their store and it will take you an hour to get out of there. If you deviate from their script by one word – ie: you have an existing device but don’t have a Yes ID – they’ll break down and just keep asking you the same question over and over and over again. Their wireless devices aren’t even wireless; my Huddle device can’t stand 1 hour without being charged. It’s like I’m living in 2001 with a long USB cord attached to a device bigger than my wallet.

  • Tan

    Yes 4G coverage area redeuced. Area which was previously on their coverage map – is now outside their coverage map. Reason given is blindspot.