Thoughts on SingHealth Data Breach


On the 20th of July, Singaporean authorities announced a data breach affecting SingHealth, the country largest healthcare group. The breach impacted 1.5 million people who had used SingHealth services over the last 3 years. Oh boy, another data breach with 1.5 million records … **yawn**. But Singapore has less than 6 million people, so it’s a BIG deal to this island I currently call...

How the StarHub DDOS (possibly) happened


Customers of Singaporean ISP StarHub, suffered two major disruptions to their service over the past week, in what the telco said was a result of a “intentional and likely malicious distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks”. Oh the humanity!! In what appears to be a copycat of the Dyn attack we saw (at roughly the same time), the attack signals the first local salvo in the war of...