How secure are the webpages of Malaysian Banks and Telco


I’ve almost been fascinated by the fact, that our money in the bank these days are secured not by steel doors or armed guards, but rather by cryptography and the encryption keys that enable them. To put it in the simplest form  your money in the bank is protected by a number–that’s what an encryption key essentially is. A long binary number of 1’s and 0’s that...

Malaysiakini twitter account hacked


Sorry for inconvenience! let us manage your twitter account from now on,Untuk semua , For All, Wei Ren Ren, Ellowrukkum – SarkasSiber — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) April 27, 2013   In what appears to be an escalating amount of cyber-attacks on the online web portal, Malaysiakini reported that they’re twitter account has been hacked by a group calling itself Sarkas-Siber...

Malaysiakini goes free from 17th April for GE13


Got a note from Malaysiakini today, for all you stingy-porkers out there who read all the malaysiakini news reposted by various parties, but never really paid for the subscription–here’s some good news. Malaysiakini will go free from 17th April onwards, to pave the way for MORE adverts (like we didn’t have enough) but also to allow Malaysiakini to respond to attacks more...