Malaysiakini twitter account hacked



In what appears to be an escalating amount of cyber-attacks on the online web portal, Malaysiakini reported that they’re twitter account has been hacked by a group calling itself Sarkas-Siber.

Malaysiakini now follows in the footsteps of other notable newspapers who’ve had they’re twitter account hacked, hopefully twitters recent announcement for two-factor authentication may help reduce the high number of hacks the social network faces on a regular basis.

The news of the hack comes hot on the heels of a Malaysiakini article claiming local ISP’s are blocking access to their websites. Although I doubt the claim, there’s no debating that Malaysiakini is coming under a lot of flak these days, being the main online news portal in Malaysia and quite possibly the only one that reports on opposition news.

Let’s hope they manage to stay up over the GE weekend.

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