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4 Reasons you need an RSS feed

If you don’t know what RSS is, prepare to have your mind blown. If you’ve never used RSS, chances are you’re still bookmarking your favorite websites and blogs and visiting them on a regular basis painfully one at a time. RSS feeds allow you to magically consolidate all the content you read online, into one platform where you can get your daily dose of information all at one go.

RSS stands for really simple syndication, and it was designed as a simple way for web authors to syndicate their content across the internet. Conversely (and more importantly), it also provides a way for web users to consolidate all their favorites blogs, searches and forum threads onto one single platform.

So what is it really? Well I’m not too sure of the technical specifications to be honest, but here’s how I think it operates.

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LinkedIn reaches 100 million members

According to the LinkedIn blog, LinkedIn that ever popular ‘professional’ facebook like thingy now has more members than the population of Australia, Malaysia, Singapore combined. LinkedIn has grown to a more niche social network that proves Facebook isn’t the only kid on the block, and niche networks like LinkedIn do have a future, for instance we’re more likely to search for a job/talent via LinkedIn than via facebook, and for the most part it’s probably better to keep our social (facebook) and professional (linkedIn) lives separate.

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Hire Me!!

One of the reasons I started this blog was to try out new things and see if I could land a job with an impressive website. I love my current job, but it’s a bit unstable, so I’d thought it’ll be wise to remain marketable. It’s one thing to tell people I’m a Business Analyst with strong technical skills, and a whole other thing to display a full blown webpage with

So I searched the web for resume templates, my initial idea was to have 2 wordpress themes. One for the main blog, another for the resume. However, I discovered it’ll be a whole lot easier to just find a CSS/HTML template and copy that to a separate location and link it from my blog.