Spacy in a Lambda


I’ve been really digging into Lambda Layers lately, and once you begin using layers you’ll wonder how you got by without them. Layers allow you to package just about anything into lambda, but in a modular way. So elements of your code that don’t change much, can be packaged into layers, while keeping your actual lambda deployment for just the code that’s changing...

Internet of shitty things!


Brian Krebs is the most reputable name in CyberSecurity reporting, his krebsonsecurity website is the best source of ‘real’ journalism on the subject. But reputation works both ways, the same thing that makes him popular in some circles, makes him unpopular in other. He’s had criminal hackers send him heroin in the mail and even have SWAT teams descend on his home with guns all...

Technology saves lives, but it isn’t perfect


What do you do when the technology turns on you? Or when the feature that’s built to save you, is the one that might just kill you? There’s a stark similarity between the Takata airbag fiasco, that’s already taken 2 Malaysian lives, and the lady who died in self-driving Tesla. Both involve the auto-industry and both are technology related, but together they represent a much...