Malaysian parents don’t want Kids to do science


This is so true.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is probably the most famous astrophysicist  on the planet, and of late he’s been the face of science education in America. He’s got the coolness of Jay-Z mixed with the lovability of Bill Cosby and the intelligence of Carl Sagan all rolled into one. He’s been promoting science in America a lot, and fighting for a budget increase for NASA.

However, he’s pointed out in this video, that the barriers to scientific inquiry don’t lie with our children or our kids, it lies with the adults. Adults that in most cases control budgets and policy regarding science–just like a Minister of ours who suggested we send an astronaut to space to play traditional games. I’ve also noticed this a lot in the past, ever since I wrote about having a career in IT I’ve had more than a few emails sent to me from young people who’d like to pursue IT but face a stumbling block in the most unfortunate places–they’re parents.

These are parents who are preventing their children from pursuing IT, in favor of ‘safer’ courses like Dentistry, Law and worst of all–Finance.

I guess the biggest problem we have in Malaysia, isn’t the amount of emphasis our kids place on Science and Technology, but rather the amount of emphasis ADULTS place on scientific inquiry.

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Check our the full video of Dr. Tyson below:

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