Proton Preve breaksdown in the middle of the road. FAIL!


The forum is abuzz with news and photos of a broken down Proton Preve. Not good news for a car Dr. Mahathir called the best proton ever. The rumour mill is abuzz with the reasons for the breakdown, but as of now it looks clear that the Proton in question didn’t crash, but rather than some part ‘lower arm assembly’ gave way, or something like that.

Now I drive a 8 year old Waja, that has served me well and hasn’t experienced any such catastrophic failure, but while I can personally vouch for my Waja, I don’t think I can vouch for Protons safety, there’s been just too much negative publicity on the reliability of its cars. The fact that this was a test drive car makes it even worse.

The photo was provided courtesy of user maniack, whose watermark appears on the photo.

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Good weekend everyone.


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  • Why do you easily make comments over one picture… Even CSI will look at every possible angle, every inch, before making any conclusion… and it just took you one look at a small picture… you are truly an EXPERT.

    • You’re right Thorrellius, I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.

      According to Paultan:
      Proton Edar’s Facebook account has posted a clarification on what they are claiming actually happened with the car. According to Proton Edar, the accident happened around 4.45pm yesterday where the red Proton Preve in the picture driven by a Proton Edar sales advisor hit a divider and landed in a such a manner that caused the lower arm to break, resulting in the awkward position of the front wheel in the photo. 

      So not too bad, the photo was posted up somewhere mid-evening on Friday, and at around 1am on Saturday Proton Edar was already on the case trying to combat the negative perception on facebook. They did not however, engage users, which is a shame, because that looks to be the source of the news. 

  • accident tu, tie rod/ lower arm patah, kalau tak accident tie rod/lower arm takkan patah.. BMW kalau accident pun rosak jugak, Ferrari pun sama..  tak semestinya Proton.. tapi mesti ada golongan yang nak merendahkan produk negara.. sebab apa ye??