Malaysiakini down!


*Update: Malaysiakini have confirmed the update on their facebook page, looks like you need to look for other sources of Bersih 3.0  news, this could take a while. It’s also note-worthy that 10 people ‘like’ this on facebook, obviously over-looking the fact that nobody should ‘like’ this.

With barely 12 hours to go before Bersih 3.0 starts to swing into action, Malaysiakini servers appear to be down. I was trying to logon online to check the news only to notice that I couldn’t access the site, PINGs to the site seem to time out as well. Could this be a repeat of when Malaysiakini went offline in the run up to the Sarawak elections? Plus, I know this doesn’t affect me, because as a Google Chrome user I know when other users are also experiencing problems accessing a site.

Take care people, Bersih isn’t yet trending on twitter, but I think it’s just a matter of time. Also I for those with smartphones I strongly encourage you to keep track of things via twitter rather than via Malaysiakini, twitter was built for these things.

Take for example the following:[blackbirdpie url=”!/AdrianNCF/status/195016613894963200″]

Bersih 3.0, enjoy your weekend guys. If you’re planning to go, also check out the awesome for a low-down street rally for beginners infographic.


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