My Last Hope on Unifi: Twitter


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I posted the tweet above about 40 minutes ago, complaining about my omni-present (or omni-absent) Unifi connection issues about an hour ago.

Barely 30 minutes later, a friend of mine retweeted it and cc’ed a TM twitter account @TMConnects

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TM then ask for further details via a tweet below.

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As of right now, I’m 8 days without an Unifi connection, 3 tickets raised, an email to [email protected] and a tweet to @TMconnects, I’m running out of ideas and avenues to lodge complaints to, but I’ve been doing my research, and once I’ve resolved this issue–in whatever century that may occur–I will seek compensation and will not accept a simple ‘rebate’, I intend to seek actual compensation for the ridiculous amount of down-time I’m experiencing. Will update soon.


Astound us with your intelligence

  • maybe we all need to flying kick tm ppl to get everyones attention. well.. it all boils down to.. the current ruling govt who have been with us for the last 60 yrs. so fuck em. vote for change. vote for pkr.

  • Hey Ahmad, I really doubt that a government change would do anything to the service level. As much as I was unhappy with the service, there has been a great deal of improvement of service from Unifi then I got from streamyx.

    And please refrain from using profanity. Thanks.

  • My Unifi at Cheras been down at every single night starting 9:30 p.m. It’s running just fine in the afternoon. This is a business line and not normal residential. How can TM do that to their customers? Ticket call for almost daily and technician been here for at least 5 times now. 
    TM = Hopeless……

    • Hey Kayel,

      How long has the problem been occuring? Sorry I can’t recommend much, as mentioned both tweeting and emailing the CEO didn’t work for me.

      However, I must say, my Unifi experience ever since has been pretty good. So far no downtime and the speed has been amazing!