Vanity URL for Google+ profiles


Vanity URLs are URLs that have some sort of meaning to them rather than a random collection of numbers and letters, so instead of getting, you get a much nicer , now that’s way cooler. It’s sort of like vanity plates for Online Social Networks.

Facebook has been offering this for some time, and so has LinkedIN, but the new kid on the block Google+ doesn’t. Or does it?

Well not exactly, but a website will give you what ‘looks like’ an official vanity url for your google+ profile. Currently google+ doesn’t offer vanity URLs like facebook (that may soon change), but here’s your chance to get vanity urls for your google+ domain.

There are 2 websites (that I know of) that offer these vanity URLS

Myplus that offers url that look like this

Gplus that offers a url that looks like thisĀ (keith was already taken)

I love Google+ and believe it’s the interface for social media that will dominate, but uptake has been slow with only the die-hard google fans taking part…it’s lonely in Google+ and I’m just waiting for more people to join before I make it part of my online social life.

In the meantime, have fun with your url domains.

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