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Vanity URL for Google+ profiles

Vanity URLs are URLs that have some sort of meaning to them rather than a random collection of numbers and letters, so instead of getting, you get a much nicer , now that’s way cooler. It’s sort of like vanity plates for Online Social Networks.

Facebook has been offering this for some time, and so has LinkedIN, but the new kid on the block Google+ doesn’t. Or does it?

comment 0 : Review and Final Verdict

When I first heard about I was really excited, I thought finally I could collate all my downloads through one interface, and I could speed up my bit-torrent downloads by downloading my torrents through and using blazing http to download from fetch. I was so excited I jumped on an subscribed to one month the moment it launched.

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Bufferapp : Schedule your Tweets

Buffer AppBuffer is a great tool that helps your organize and schedule your tweets to maximize your shameless attempts to promote your website on twitter.

Well let’s face it, I’m on twitter but with only 39 followers its not really adding any hits to my website…well maybe one or two. What’s clear though is that good blog content without any social media promotion on twitterr , LinkedIN or facebook means I have to rely on Google bringing in the hits, that’s like starting a company with only 1 customer and then relying on that customer only. If I’m going to get 1000 hits/ month, then I’m going to have to get serious on twitter and start churning out content that aligns with what my followers on twitter want to see.

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Twitter vs. News: How they reported the Oslo bombing

Working for a Multinational company means I have colleagues from all over the globe, some of whom I’ve developed a friendly relationship with, friendly enough to ‘friend’ them on facebook. Today I received the tragic news of the Oslo bombings not from CNN or BBC, not even from the Google news, but over a facebook status update from a colleague of mine in Norway. The sad news of such an atrocity was heart-wrenching, but in the midst of this I decided to do a small study to see how twitter was reporting the news as opposed to the usual mainstream internet news companies.

So going online I searched twitter for Norway and saw the very first tweet on the list, a condolence message from BO himself:

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Top 3 things I learnt from Blogging: Nothing technical about them

These past few weeks has been hectic, I’ve been moving into my new house which inevitably involved talking to a lot of contractors/plumbers/repairmen and I had a very busy go-live period for my project. (Go-Live refers to the point of an IT project when it successfully becomes available to the users). To top it off I upgraded my blog from wordpress 3.1.1 to 3.2 and the upgrade wasn’t as smooth as I thought it would be.

Reflecting on my blogging and my goal to reach 1000 hits/month, I think there’s a lot I learnt from this blogging experience so far from a technical perspective (setting up a website/installing a database..etc etc), but there’s a whole lot more I learnt about other things as well. Here’s the top 3 things I learnt from blogging that have nothing to do with programming.

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How to bypass your office internet filters

Ever get tired of your office network administrator blocking youtube or facebook? Wished you could surf and get your daily dose of facebook and blogs from your office? Well there are many ways around this…most straightforward would be using a web-based proxy service like hidemyass .com or However, contrary to general opinion, your network administrators aren’t lazy(or stupid!). If you know about these proxies they probably know about it as well, so they’ve probably have a whole loooong list of sites categorized as ‘proxies’ that are completely blocked from access. So how do you access those web-sites your administrators have deemed…unworthy?

The solution is  simple. Host your own proxy. This too can be blocked, but if you work in a fairly large company your own little private proxy is unlikely to generate enough traffic to warrant investigation and ultimately be blocked. So if I hosted my proxy on its unlikely the traffic it generates would warrant anyone looking into it and eventually blocking it.So you have to strike a balance, surfing too much via proxy will arouse suspicion, too little and it defeats the purpose.

So how do you host your own proxy?

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Placing thumbnails in your RSS feed: WordPress Hack

My wordpress RSS feed has always been a bit dull without the accompanying pictures I scour flickr for. However, today there is promise as I stumbled across a post by the wordpress geniuses at catswhocode, there was a wordpress hack to include pictures in your RSS feed, and all it requires is to post the following code into your themes functions.php file.

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My Friends been hacked on Hotmail

Microsoft HackedWhen the web was starting up and I was still using a 14.4kBps line for dial-up I used hotmail as my default web-based email service. Back then it gave out nearly 4MB of storage (wow!), then about 5-6 years later I migrated my email account to Yahoo Mail! as it offered nearly 250MB of storage, finally about 2 years later, I switched to Gmail that offered 2GB of storage, and I haven’t maxed it out since (it’s nearly 7 years of email now).

Google went the way of Apple, instead of supplying mediocre storage Google supplied 2GB and made Gmail accounts invite only, which took a while to get viral but it eventually did. Apple did the same thing when they launched the 20GB ipod back when iriver was offering paltry 128MB.