Securing your StarHub Home Router


As with all new shiny equipment, ¬†a newly installed router in your home requires a few things to be configured to properly secure it. Goes without saying, that you should change your WiFi password the moment the technician leaves your home, but there are other things you’d need to configure in order to secure your router against common attacks. Now remember, even if you follow all the...

Preventing a DDOS is not going to be easy


As a follow-up to my previous post on DDOS attacks [1,2], I’ve seen a lot of so-called ‘solutions’ to the problem, which really aren’t solutions at all. While it’s still not explicitly clear that the StarHub DDOS was executed by Mirai, a recently released malware built specifically for DDOS, the timing and similarity of it to other Mirai¬†attacks leave little room for...