Can you view Netflix in HD on Unifi


A lot of people have asked me if indeed you can view Netflix or Hulu or any other streaming service in HD on a regular 5Mbps Unifi connection (that’s the slowest possible Unifi connection).
Yes you can! Check out the “Now Playing HD” bit on the bottom right hand of the image below.
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When Lightning strikes the Cloud: Amazon Outage


Google recently announced their Amazon EC2 killer, the Google Compute Engine or GCE. Google wasn’t messing around and went straight for the Amazon jugular releasing 4 instance types all of which appear cheaper than their Amazon counterparts. That being said the price comparison was done solely on the basis on a on-demand Amazon instance types–Amazons most expensive prices, if you...

Netflix accounts for 32% of internet traffic : What it means for pirated content in Malaysia


Maternity leave has long been plaguing womens career, women would usually take an extended leave and risk falling behind their male counterparts. As an extension to this, employers were also hesitant to hire women (particularly pregnant women) since it meant a legally mandated leave of absence that their male colleagues would never take. Governments have tried to stem this discrimination by...