Skydrive gets Spanking new HTML5 version


Yesterday I blogged about how youtube was experimenting with a html5 version of the site, today we got come-from-behind victory for skydrive who announced that they’ve already launched their html5 version of site. Skydrive is Microsofts answer to dropbox, but unfortunately, it fell short of the mark and personally I don’t believe html5 is going to save this one. I couldn’t log...

Youtube gets a spanking new html5 interface


What the hell is html5? Well you know how your iphone takes you to a special app to play youtube videos? Or how you can’t view facebook videos on your iphone? Or why you see a lego block while you’re browsing on the ipad? That’s because all these videos utilize Adobe Flash to play their videos. The catch is Apple mobile devices (including Ipads,Ipods and Iphones) don’t...