Securing your StarHub Home Router


As with all new shiny equipment,  a newly installed router in your home requires a few things to be configured to properly secure it. Goes without saying, that you should change your WiFi password the moment the technician leaves your home, but there are other things you’d need to configure in order to secure your router against common attacks. Now remember, even if you follow all the...

Setting up a Dlink DDNS for your Unifi Router


A Domain Name Server (DNS) is basically the address book of the world wide web. What it does in very simple terms is it converts a web address like www.keithrozario.com into an Internet Protocol address like (this might look like garbage but it’s actually 4 numbers separated by a dot, and it’s these 4 numbers that uniquely define every machine on the internet)...

How to Port Forward your Unifi Dlink Dir-615 router


Port Forwarding is a really simple concept, but a very important step you need to take if you want to remotely access the devices you have at home. For instance, if you have a Unifi connection connected to an always on desktop and you wanted to Remotely access your windows machine, you’d need to perform port forwarding on your router. Similarly if you’ve just installed a new IP camera...