Thoughts on SingHealth Data Breach


On the 20th of July, Singaporean authorities announced a data breach affecting SingHealth, the country largest healthcare group. The breach impacted 1.5 million people who had used SingHealth services over the last 3 years. Oh boy, another data breach with 1.5 million records … **yawn**. But Singapore has less than 6 million people, so it’s a BIG deal to this island I currently call...

The Malaysian Ministry of Education Data Breach


Ok, I’ve been pretty involved in the latest data breach, so here’s my side of the story. At around 11pm last Friday, I got a query from Zurairi at The Malay Mail, asking for a second opinion on a strange email the newsdesk received from an ‘anonymous source’. The email was  regular vulnerability disclosure, but one that was full of details, attached with an enormous amount...