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One year of Blogging on Nearlyfreespeech

I’m a big fan of Nearlyfreespeech. I think they’re a great webhost, and so far I haven’t been proven wrong. Sure their interface is a bit ‘simplistic’ and they’re site looks a bit dated, but overall I like the speed the provide, their infrastructure hasn’t failed me and their security hasn’t been compromised. The same can’t be said about my dreamhost account, for which I happen to pay nearly USD7/month for.

The best part about nearlyfreespeech however, is their pricing plan. Unlike other webhost that charge a flat fee per month, nearlyfreespeech charges on a pay as you go model. Basically if you don’t start a website, or nobody visits it, you don’t pay a thing. While many┬ábeginners look on the pricing plan as ‘risky’ since you could end up paying a lot of money once your site ‘really starts take off‘, the real risk beginners should consider is subscribing to a 3-year plan for a blog they’ll stop updating past the first 3 months. The real risk is paying these webhost large one-off payments and use no where near the amount of bandwidth or storage to justify the $5-$10 dollar per month price tag…for the next 3 years.

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Analytics for your blog

Analytics are those little bits of code that allow you to track vital statistics of your blog. Things like:

1) How many people visited my blog
2) Where did they visit from
3) Which country are they from
4) How long did they read my blog
5) What’s my most viewed post?