Hotline Jais is a terrible idea!


Jais recently launched anew mobile app to allow the public to easily report any crimes that contravene syariah laws.

Obviously there’s social and legal implications here, which I won’t go into, but we need to understand just how stupid this idea is.

When you ask amateurs to give you security, what you eventually end up with is amateur security.

It’s the reason why Maths professors from Ivy league universities are wrongly profiled as terrorist, or why breast milk is incorrectly identified as explosive substances on planes, why it doesn’t take an evil genius to break into your gated and guarded housing project. Security is hard, and if you entrust into the hands of amateurs, things don’t end well.

Having a ‘app’ where people can report anything that contravene’s their morality is a sure-fire recipe for disaster, and I don’t think Jais have the infrastructure nor the processes to fully receive all the complaints and run a proper check on each of them.

And when it has real legal implications for Muslims (even non-Muslims), then they need to take that shit off the Playstore.

Link here.

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