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Some interesting links you might want to check out during my interview on BFM today, will tidy up this list later in the week.

Office of Personnel Management Data Breach (Chinese hackers breaking into US Federal Employee Databases)

China arrested the hackers responsible for OPM breach

Turkey losing Personal Information on 50 Million Citizens

Philippines Data Breach, Troy Hunt’s perspective.

Check if your e-mail address has been part of a previous breach from the HaveIbeenPwned website.

24 year old IT grad behind Philippines Breach caught

Phineas Fisher explains how he hacked Hacking Team (in under 100 hours)

Hackers break into a Jeep connected to the internet

Hackers breaking into baby monitors, and shouting profanities at children

Baby monitors (and everything else) connected to the internet, aren’t good ideas..

Why anti-viruses aren’t any good these days

My take on why people with Anti-Viruses end up with MORE malware

Why I don’t believe passwords should be changed constantly

Why GCHQ (the British equivalent of the NSA) share my thoughts

Great article on how hackers guess hashes

Some guy built a computer to guess 380+ Billion hashes a second

Enabling 2 Factor for your Google Account

Norton Dossier on Stuxnet (interesting, but VERY long read)

Countdown to Day Zero (more interesting, and even longer read on Stuxnet)

Or just watch the Ted Talk on Stuxnet

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