Change WiFi password on Maxis home fiber router


Got Maxis Fiber to your home, but want to change your WiFi passwords, then here’s how you do it.

Image-1-Maxis-LogonFirst you need to logon to your router. You can do so by opening your Web-Browser and type (where you’d normally type, or just click here.

You should either see a picture like the above, then you’d need to enter the username and password, or if you haven’t setup a router password, then you’d see this:

Maxis-Gateway-click-configure-wifi-2Step 2, is click configure under the Wi-Fi section.


Step 3 is simple. Just enter a new SSID (this is your Wi-Fi name) and then a new password. Please pick one that is secure and long. Finally hit the apply button and you’re good to go.

Now if you haven’t setup a router username and password, you should set it up as well. To do this, hit on the Advance configuration link at the bottom of the screen.


Next select Toolbox->User Management from the left menu.


Then click Change My Password, that would allow you to change your router password.

Maxis-Gateway-click-change-user And finally change the password and save it. This way your router logon and password is now secured.

Hope you enjoyed the post.


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